[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Catrice “Shopping Day at Bluemingdales”

Hello peeps!

Today I do not only have one of my untried choices for October for you, but also a first time… yes, I did some really simple nailart and for the first time. I can now tell you that this is so incredibly easy, anyone can do it.


Half Moon Manicure ftw! (Please ignore the tipwear!) I’ve wanted to try this for a long time and on the weekend I finally thought ‘no more talking about it, just do it’ and I did it. A half moon manicure is really easy to do and it looks great. At least that is what I think.

Unfortunately, my lacquer smudged a little bit but that was because my “decals” weren’t perfectly glued to the nail. Oh well. It’s a first try, so I don’t really mind.


“Shopping Day at Bluemingdales” is a very pretty dark blue colour that does fit neatly into the whole fall setting. Dark colours are so fall and they appeal to me a lot at the moment. Application was easy, but you definitely need two to three coats to reach full opacity on this one.

And something that is even more unfortunate… you get tip wear as fast as you can apply this (as it sadly often is with dark polishes). It didn’t take too long to dry and is glossy on it’s own, but I am so used to wearing a topcoat that I apply one without thinking.

Have you already tried the half moon manicure?


Nell’s NotD: Oldie but Goodie and ORLY Glosser

I know Snowhoney reviewed ApHolo 7 from Catrice’s Luxury Lacquer collection (not to confuse with the current Luxury Lacquer line, which was entered into the regular line) before, but it’s been a while, so I thought I’d give you my opinion quickly. Maybe, if you have this bad boy in your stash it reminds you to use it again because it is a good one.

Photo 01-10-2014 16 01 47

ApHolo7 is a light blue, soft holo. It is not one of the most fiery holos like all the other ones in the line, but it is a true holo non the less. It applies well. One coat is fine, two make it more intense. It dried nice and quickly. I wore this one over OPI Nail Envy and under Orly Glosser top coat. The Orly top coat is a gloss coat that does not have any fast drying properties. It is also not as glassy as my essence BTGN top sealer which gives quite a thick, squishy layer to my nails, we’ll see how I get along with it. It did not distort the effect of the holo and added some shine to the polish.

Snowhoney’s NotD: Colors by Llarowe “Beautiful Disaster”

Hello nail junkies!

I have another beauty to show you today that had me wow’ed. Seriously, the moment I first saw that polish I was going nuts and had to have it. And luckily I got it.




Colors by Llarowe makes amazing polishes, you already know that. But this one? A true stunner. “Beautiful Disaster” is a clear base with assorted micro and holographic micro glitters. It sparkles like no other, I can tell you!

It dries to a matte finish with very slight texture (barely noticeable!). Use a good quality fast drying top coat to add shine and smooth finish. Yeah well, I did that and it was like a disco ball all of a sudden. Beautiful.


The only thing that worried me a little, was that the formula was rather thick, a bit gloopy even, but it still applied evenly. Next time I might use two or three drops of nail polish thinner and everything will be alright.

Do you have your own Beautiful Disaster?! 😉

Nell’s September 2014 Favorites

Photo 28-09-2014 17 12 20

This month is a tough one to pick a favorite because there are a couple of outstanding ones like Sittin’ Pretty or Abundance and I have to say I’m very proud to report that I managed to upload a new post every three days this month. School starts again in October so I’m not sure I can keep it up but we’ll see. I digress.

When push comes to shove, my favorite this month was probably that last combo on the bottom right: essence effect polish in 21 icy fairy over color and go 144 back in black. It is one of the prettiest topcoats I have seen in a while, with its blue to purple to pink sheen and silver and holo hexes. It looks like a glittery nightsky on my nails and next to my mermaid polishes this has to be my favorite thing.

Photo 25-09-2014 17 11 19

What was your favorite polish this month? Do you have preferations like I with my night sky and mermaid polishes?

Snowhoney’s September 2014 Favourites

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of the month again… Favourites post or videos pop up everywhere and of course they happen on this blog too, so here we go.



Yep, my favourite was the “Knight of Hell” by FingerLickin’ Lacquer – gosh her polishes completely got me obsessed! Love the bright red colour and the cinnamon scent. Couldn’t get better this month…

And as per usual, I show you the 5 polishes from my Untrieds drawer that I absolutely want to paint this month:


Oh these beauties! Which one should I show you first?

Nell’s NotD: To Foreign Galaxies and Beyond

Photo 25-09-2014 17 09 43A while ago essence posted a picture of their effect nail polish in 21 icy fairy over black is back from their color&go line on their instagram (@essence_cosmetics), dubbed it ‘galaxy nails’ and I was sold. Next to mermaid polishes anything that resembles a starry night is high high high up my list.

This mani takes all its oomph from the topper. Icy fairy consists of a clear base with extremely fine blue to pink duochrome shimmer, silver hexes in various sizes and holo hexes. All the beauty comes out to play over a dark color like black, the shimmer actually turns the black into a deep blue with flashes of purple and pink. All the different glitter sizes, along with the duochrome shimmer creates that galaxy-like effect. Granted it ain’t got nothing on those artfully painted galaxy nails that you can find on some nail blogs (and which tend to take my breath away. Man, I wish I had the patience to at least attempt it.) but it is an alternative for me, the nail artistery-challenged.

The topper in itself behaved quite well. I didn’t have to go fishing for the bigger hexes and it applied evenly and dried smoothly. I would still dap the polish on a little bit to place the bigger hexes where I want them, but that was no hassle at all.

I am wearing the base color back in black (2 coats) over the essence hardening nail base (d/c), one coat of icy fairy over the black and the Lacura Super Gloss Coat to protect and give extra shine. As opposed to other glitter toppers the hexes lie flat against the nails so I am not worried about premature peeling. Removal is going to be horrid as per usual, but I can’t stop staring at my nails, so it’s going to be worth it.

Photo 25-09-2014 17 11 19

[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: essie “Over the Knee”

Hello fellow nail junkies!

Today I have a very fall-appropriate colour for you. And it fits right in with the weather here in Germany. Rainy, grey and slowly getting colder… yep, fall is here.


“Over the Knee” is a great brown, milky chocolate brown with a slight pinky shimmer that unfortunately disappears on the nail. Very sad about that, but the brown still is pretty and I like it a lot. Yes, I am one of those weird girls that like brown nails. A lot. Deal with it.

Application was smooth, one coat was almost enough but two to cover up all streaks and you are good to go. It dried quickly and was just overall so incredibly easy to work with. That is what essie’s got going for them every single time.




Would you wear this milk chocolate beauty?

Nell’s NotD: Neon Lavender

Photo 22-09-2014 16 07 18

Remember how a couple of weeks ago I was all like: ‘I wanna get into purple polishes like essie Sittin’ Pretty’? Yeah, so Sittin’ Pretty was re-released in Germany with the Oktoberfest-collection (don’t get me started on that Oktoberfest BS. I am Hessian and Germany is so much bigger and better than that stuck up, capricious ratsnest part in the south east). Either way the GOOD part about that Oktoberfest limited edition was that it contained Sittin’ Pretty and I even found one that didn’t have that silly ‘Schatzi’-pin attached to it.

Can we take a moment to just appreciat the color?! UGH, it’s so pretty!

Initially it was quite sheer and artificial light washes out the color a bit, so I painted three coats but two would have probably been enough. In natural daylight (see above) it is a stunner. Very vibrant and bright but for some reason not too in your face.

Below you can see it with flash and that’s when it really glows:

Photo 22-09-2014 16 06 54Despite being one of essie’s neons it dries quite glossy and rather quickly. I wore my usual OPI Nail Envy/ essence BTGN top sealer combo for extra protection. I’ve only had it on for a day but so far no chipping or bubbling, despite chores and typing and such.

What do you think? Is this pretty or what?

[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: ILNP “Pixie Dust”

Hello everyone!

Today it’s time for a very un-fall-like colour, but it is so pretty it doesn’t matter. As you know, I have been in love with ILNP polishes for quite some time and by now I managed to get the two sisters on board with the love 😉


“Pixie Dust” is a very pretty light lavender ultra holo that does not draw too much attention to your nails – this means it is appropriate for the office – but still, it makes your fingers look amazing. You won’t ever regret painting this polish!

Application is flawless, but as this is a rather sheer polish you will have to paint two to three coats to make it opaque. It will still be subtle at this point, but oh so pretty! Believe me 😉 Nell’s got and loves this colour too.


What is your subtle but stunning favourite polish?

[Nell] essence, We Need To Talk!

So, we all know how much I love essence polishes, especially the color&go line. Beautiful colors, beautiful formulas, great brushes, great price, you know, lovely!

Here is the problem though: As aesthetically pleasing as the design of the bottle is, as awful it is to get polish out once the bottle is half empty. You know bottle-height-wise half empty not content-wise. As the bottle widens towards the bottom, that is where the majority of the polish sits and as the stem of the brush is rather short there is no way to get anywhere near the bottom and therefore there is no way to dig out the remaining polish once the bottle is half-empty.

I had this issue last night when I tried to get an even black coat under my new essence effect polish. My bottle of Black is Back is half empty as black is one of my most used colors. I just love black and the essence color&go version is just fantastic quality.

Photo 25-09-2014 18 29 58

see the line? that’s how ’empty’ the bottle is

The fun began when I realized that not only was the bottle half empty but it was also a hassle to get more than the tip of the brush covered in polish. By the time I had pulled the brush out the thin layer of polish that covered the rest of the brush had started drying which resulted in streaky, patchy, bubbly polish on my nails. I painstakingly scooped out a second coat of black but the result was bad. Bubbles, unevenness and stained cuticles from a half-dry dragging brush. Long story short: The design of the bottle with the narrow neck (which makes scooping rather difficult), the rather short stem of the brush and the wide bottom is just not ideal and results in the loss of almost 50% of product for the costumer.  Wouldn’t it be possible to make the stem a few milimeters longer so that it is easier to reach the bottom?

I love love love the product and despite everything I am thinking about repurchasing Black is Back because of it’s great quality. If it were a more expensive polish I would be flat out upset and not mildly annoyed (yep, that rant above is me mildly annoyed).

What are you guys’ experiences? Is there a trick that I don’t know about? Have you ever been in the position having to scoop out essence polishes?