[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: China Glaze “Agro”

Hello nailpolish addicts!

Welcome to another Untrieds polish today. I have one of my very few China Glaze polishes. This one is from the Hunger Games inspired collection called Capitol Colours. I loved the movie though I’m not a big fan of the book (the writing style is just not for me) and fell in love with some of the polishes.


Isn’t this beautiful? This is a perfect fall colour to me and I will be wearing this a ton. This is a metallic olive green with flecks of gold. Even though it has a metallic finish, I didn’t find brush strokes to be visible and this is a big plus! Application was easy and you have full opacity in one coat, but for a deeper looking colour you should probably apply two.

I am loving this colour and the application was so easy. Many reviews of this polish said their formula was gloopy, but mine had no problem whatsoever. I found the formula exactly right and it applied very easily. There is a recommendation from me 😉


Have you already found a great fall colour?


Llarowe Independance Day Sale!

Hell yeah!

One of my favourite online shops will be having a huge blowout sale on Independence Day! Llarowe has gotten the word out that they “will be having a blowout sale on tons of items” and it will be on for every minute of July, 4th. Those are some awesome news for all polish lovers outside! With me having bought way too much polish in the last couple weeks, I really shouldn’t be thinking about buying any more polish… but you know… a good deal is always awesome. I’ll probably have a look for any polishes that I have on my wishlist (that is way too long! *sigh*), maybe I’ll strike a good deal.

If YOU are #feelingspendy you should really head on over to Llarowe and have a look – I promise you will be tempted! 😉

PS: Be sure to show us or comment on this post if you are buying/ordering anything! We’d love to see or hear about YOUR favourite polishes!

Nell’s June 2014 Favorites

Photo 02-07-2014 23 29 21

Good day guys, it is time for favorites again!
I am still mainly doing Germany manis, because believe it or not we are still in the tourney. After that excruciatingly horrible game on Monday, I hope that we end this gracefully on Friday. I digress.

My favorite polish this months is a bit of a surprise. I was shopping in TK Maxx when I stumbled across OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It was part of the Spiderman collection and there is no other way to describe this as an off white cream.

Photo 25-06-2014 15 41 00

The polish is not the best OPI ever made, in fact when I applied it over OPI Nail Envy it took 3 coats and damage control to get it right, it was super streaky but over p2 Ridgefiller it only needed two. Even though I got it down to a two coater the staying power is still not great for an OPI polish. It chipped quickly on me despite the essence BTGN top sealer. Why I still love it? The color is like no other. It is the perfect white for me, it goes well with my skin tone and doesn’t give me lobster hands. And of curse I had to turn this into a gameday mani (I will catch you up on those over the week end!)

Photo 26-06-2014 20 33 53


I tried a variation on our jersey here, heartfelt crappy, I know, but I actually liked it. I drew on the v with a Flormar nail art polish and the 5 (because Mats Hummels is the best) with a permanent marker with a fine tip. Word to the wise: Don’t try to seal the marker with top coat, it bled hideously.

What was your favorite polish this month?

Guest Appearance! A Sister’s Sister – That One Shade of Grey

Dear Nailpolish addicts,

today is a very special day for our Sisterhood! After celebrating our 100-post-goal back in March, we’re having another premiere today: our first guest appearance. That One Shade of Grey tells you the story of a Sister’s Sister, namely my – Munderoon’s – sister, who isn’t exactly a Nailpolish maniac, but has a thing or two for classy, unique colours, which go perfectly with the cool, but chique style of a big and busy city. And I think it’ll speak to us on the very basic level of finding the right shade, which is almost always the hardest thing to do…

That One Shade of Grey
Sometimes you have something on your mind, be it a skirt, a book, a colour . . . You try to figure out for yourself, where you got that idea in the first place or what exactly it is that makes it sensational. Well, in most cases you don’t know why, but you just know it is sensational and that it doesn’t leave your mind either. You gotta have it. But how?
I had this perfect grey in mind for ages (or at least what felt like ages), nailpolish-perfect-grey you guessed it. The idea in my head was vague, so I searched in the usual places for it, roaming through the offers from the known brands. Be it Essence, OPI, Catrice, p2; even Chanel, YSL or Dior. Zero. Nothing.
Well, not literally. There were all kinds of grey. But not the one I had in my mind. Then, one day approaching Douglas, searching for something else, I caught in the corner of my eye this nailpolish. And there it was. Perfect grey. Like, the one.
But the only thing left was the sampler. Argh (I turn into a pirate for occasions like that. Pirates of the Caribbean part 1-3. Not 4). Perfection. Almost. Searched again, with that sampler in my hand, had a look at other brands. Zero.
But hey, this is capitalism, right? Fresh supply is (almost) always a must.
So finally, last week, there was it again. The grey that resembles a lot the fur from that one cat in that one add on TV. Grey-blueish, velvet-esque.
Shop: Douglas
Brand: Anny; Nr. 355 “velvet chinchilla”
Pro’s: Perfect grey; reasonable price
Con’s: needs at least (!) two layers; not exactly a spring/summer colour


Do you have had a similar problem in the past and were able to find the one, the perfect shade?

Let us know!

And if you’re still looking for some summer-nail-glittery, check out Nell’s Challenge Part II, which was superb!

Nell’s NotD: [Travelling Nailpolish] Different Dimension Black Dahlia

Photo 23-04-2014 10 33 48 Photo 23-04-2014 10 34 42

This polish travelled to me from Snowhoney’s realm and I wore it over easter. It is a dark gray/black holo with a purple sheen and blue/green/purple glitters. We all know my obsession with darks and holos so this along with my beloved Darling Diva Raven is like custom made for me and it is really pretty.
The holo effect is not the strongest of them all but the added glitter makes sure there is always something to look at. It was opaque in 2 coats.
I wore it over my p2 ridgefiller to make sure the surface of my nails was really smooth and to protect it I added my essence top sealer. The polish lasted quite well on my nails.

This is the second Different Dimension polish that I really enjoyed, one of these days I will place an order, they have really amazing stuff.

Sneak Peek: Drowning in new polishes

Hello fellow readers, nail junkies and all those who want to become junkies 😉

I have been extremely naughty lately and by now you know this means I’ve been ordering tons of polishes online and you will get to see what I bought. Today, I can only try to make your little polish hearts beat faster and turn you into green envy monsters – I will give you a list of the three packages that were in the mail for me last week:

1) Order from LLarowe: (Colors by Llarowe)
– Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star
Royal navy jelly with intense sparkle.
– Unknown Galaxy
Deep teal green jelly base with intense sparkle.
– Come Dance the Hora
Silver holo base with micro blue and silver glitters and blue hex glitter.

2) Order from Pahlish:
-The Ghost Shift
Inspired by the armor of the Cybermen. Darkened silver holographic with gunmetal grey and iridescent purple microflakes that pop out in lower lighting, while the holographic effect is stronger in bright lighting.
– Forest of the Dead
Inspired by the Vashta Nerada; the shadows that melt the flesh; and their infestation of The Library. Deep green jelly base packed with coppery metallic flakes and bright green duochrome shimmer.
– Fleur de Sel
This polish was inspired by raw unrefined pink salt and is a mix of various flakes intended to mimic the crystalline structure of salt! This polish is also fairly “candy cane” for anyone looking for something festive!
Blush white jelly with a mix of micro-flakes in red metallic, shimmering white, and iridescent violet.
– “One Last Bow” Duo (January Duo)
* Eleven’s Hour is Over Now
Dark charcoal grey jelly packed with iridescent flakes in a rainbow of colors accented by soft silvery shimmer.
* The Clock is Striking Twelve’s
Clear topcoat with a mix of gunmetal & holgraphic gunmetal glitters accented by small black hex & small  matte gray squares with a dose of iridescent flakes.

3) Order from Liquid Sky Lacquer:
– Just Lucky
Just Lucky is a thermal changer that’s like the gold and red envelopes some people receive during Chinese New Year. When warm, the polish is gold, and when cold, the polish is red with a gold shimmer.
– Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight Dinner is a opaque wine colored polish with sprinkling of fine holographic dust throughout!
– 24Karat Rose
24Karat Rose is a thermal changer that when cold is a bright pink with gold shimmer, and when warm is gold!
– Glistening Coral
Glistening Coral is a coral extreme holo polish.
– The Valentine’s Day Duo
* Love is in the air
Love Is In The Air is a light holo polish with fine pink flakes throughout in a white/silver base.
* Thinking of you
Thinking Of You is a light holographic polish with purple flakes in a white/silver base.
– Violet Explosion
Violet Explosion is a very glittery slight textured purple polish.
– Bad Ass Nails
Bad Ass Nails is an extreme deep blue holo.
– Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue
Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue is a deep fluorescent blue slight holo polish!
– Leprechaun’s Gold
Leprechauns Gold is an opaque green polish with a gold shimmer!

I will review each arrived parcel individually and post my nailwheel swatches and if I have worn a polish until I write up the post, I will include these “swatches” too. Those worn polishes will most likely be Liquid Sky lacquer’s as Carolyn has become one of my absolute favourite indie polish makers (joining Missi from Different Dimension and Adina from A-England).
Are you green with envy yet?! 😉

Glam Polish on sale

Hello nailpolish junkies!

Today I thought I’d share a notice with you that I just found: Some of the Glam Polish shades are being discontinued over on MeiMeiSignatures, including my beauty “UFO, OH NO!!!”

Glam Polish "UFO, Oh NO!!!"

Glam Polish “UFO, Oh NO!!!”

The shades being discontinued are the following:
– Jem
– Twister
– Aquanaut
– Ufo Oh No!!!
– Ziggy Stardust
– Planet Purple
– Secret Garden
– Bubble Breeze
– Fraggle Rock
– Nickle Nackle

Plus there will be more! They’re putting more and more shades up for a reduced price!

If you are interested in any of these shades or Glam Polish in general, I recommend you check these out over on MeiMeiSignatures – if you have any concerns about ordering from Singapore, don’t. The team at MeiMeiSignatures does a great job. They pack everything carefully in a lot of bubble wrap to maike sure your polishes come to you in one piece. I never experienced any problems, not even with customs in Germany. The parcel is properly labeled, there is every information on the package that customs need.

I will have a look at the polishes too, but I really shouldn’t buy any more polish as I still have orders on their way to me and will buy in Pahlish’s restock tonight when Part II of the Doctor Who themed collection is up. But we’ll see if I can resist buying more polish 😉 I just thought you guys might be interested in knowing.

Nell’s January ’14 Favorites

Photo 29-01-2014 18 55 12


Jesus Christ, this was a long nailpolish heavy month! I wore no fewer than 9 (!) different manis and bought at least 12 (oO !!! *faints) more polishes. I didn’t even show all the manis on here, shame on me! It is really hard for me this month to pick a favorite, there were so many good ones. I LOVE my first indie polishes, I actually wore Darling Diva’s Raven twice. Then there were the Crushed Crystals which were horrifying to remove but oh-so-pretty and my gameday manis which I enjoyed so much, both wearing and applying them. And last but not least the fabulous essence red ahead, that won my heart by a storm and the new Catrice duo chromes. So which to choose?

I really can’t decide.

I’m going to  say my favorite is my first gameday mani, the one with the red crackle. I really loved that one, plus my Pats beat the Colts when I wore this, so there 😀 And it has holo and my beloved Russian Navy and red, doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

OPI Russian Navy, essence Superheroes Super,man!, essence The Great and Powerful Winds of Change

OPI Russian Navy, essence Superheroes Super,man!, essence The Great and Powerful Winds of Change

I can’t wait to see what the other two chose and I can’t wait to see what February brings. Hopefully a sisterhood nail party 🙂

What is wrong with my nails?!

Hi everyone!

Today is gonna be short and it’s probably gonna be a rambling of some sort. I apologize in advance.
Some days just suck and we all know that as it happens to the best of us. But I have no idea why it had to be me today. After a very unpleasent night (waking up all the time because the wind was howling… or a dog barked… or people were shouting), I had the unfortunate luck to have a nail fall off in the morning.
How does that happen? I have no freaking idea but it did. Oh, maybe I should mention that it is not as my nail is somehow missing, but all the polish on it chipped of. Like really all of it in one piece!

I have had that a couple of times in the last month or so and it really pisses me off. There is a reason I’m always doing my nails at night and it’s a very obvious one: because I have time. That is exactly what I did not have this morning, but still, I repainted the nail and made sure the Quick Dry Topcoat was doing its work.
So, being late on my way to work, I was already feeling like today would suck… but imagine how pissed I was after, arriving at the parking lot, finding out that two nails on the other hand had just chipped off, too – in the car. Holding a steering wheel and not doing what the hell do I know it would take to manage this to happen?!

The obvious answer would be: of course you are wearing your Peel Off Basecoat. But no, I did not. Neither did I when that happened before.
I demand to know what causes this! And I want my answer right now. *sigh* I know I won’t because I suppose I know what causes it… my nailcare products. I have been testing some things in the last month or so: Nail Hardeners, Nail Whiteners, Nail Balms and so on. Apparently I should lay off some of those, because something is obviously not meant for my nails.

Did this ever happen to you?