Nell’s Gameday Manis Germany Edition pt. 1

It’s World Cup time, I am a major football fan (despite my love for American football I refuse to call ‘our’ football soccer. So there.) so the Germany manis had to happen.

During the Euro two years ago, I wore the same Germany mani until we were painfully kicked out of the tournament by the Italians. This year I decided to do it a little differently, I will still wear the German colors until we get kicked out but I will vary things a little bit, I actually might even dabble into ombré-ing my nails at some point.

For now I have the mani for you that I wore for the opener on monday and the one I tried for the game tomorrow night. Here we go:

Photo 16-06-2014 14 55 43

This first one I had to slap on really quickly because I was under some time pressure so I went for something rather simple. I framed the black red and gold of Germany with the essence everybody salsa polish from the Viva Brasil collection, a) because Brazil and b) it is a pretty green.

For the mani for our game on saturday I had a little more time so I went to try something slightly more sophisticated:

Photo 20-06-2014 20 49 42

Even though it is quite messy I do like it. It reminds me a bit of a flag blowing in the wind, unless it is a very stiff wind the lines on there aren’t straight either. I started with painting two coats of the yellow polish over a coat of p2 Ridgefiller let those dry for a couple of seconds then I painted on a coat of red, let that dry and then dabbed on the black. Last but not least I finished everything off with a generous coat of essence btgn topsealer. I had slight issues with the topsealer where it would drag the black over the yellow if I did more than three quick strokes, but only on two nails and only very mild. I found that the key is to do three quick strokes from the beds to the tips and then let it be.

As for the polishes, the only ‘special’ one is the yellow which is between four and six years old (and still going strong!) it was in another World Cup or Euro collection by essence and it is that typical German flag yellow. On its own I can’t stand it but in combination with black and red  it just works (SO not biased here 😀 ) It is 03 ’90 from the Let’s Go Girls collection, but really any yellow will do (maybe not pastel yellow, but you know what I mean)
For the red I am using essence Color&go 115 redvolution but really any classic red works, obviously also if you are going for a France, Italy, Spain, etc. mani.
The black is my beloved and trusted Color&go 144 black is back.

Are you sporting any World Cup themed nails? If so feel free to share and share links to pictures in the comments below! I am already plotting what I am going to do for the last game next thursday (please keep your fingers crossed that I get home on time!)


Snowhoney’s NotD: Allez les Bleus! (Worldcup Inspired)

Hello fellow nailjunkies!

I think these days it is hard to not notice that the worldcup is going on in Brazil and you might or might not know that Nell and me are soccer/football fans. She might be more into it than me at the moment, but whenever it is Worldcup or European Championship time… I go all kinds of crazy and enjoy my sports. So I thought I would do some soccer inspired nails. You know a worldcup is not happening every day and such… well, I think I just wanted an excuse to do some nail art-y stuff 😉

These are the used polishes for my first ever worldcup/soccer-inspired nails:



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Munderoon’s Themed Nails: Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug OST [Extended Version]

Dear nailpolish addicts,

today I want to introduce yet another of our categories. One, I really appreciate and absolutely look forward to participate in. As you might know, all three of us Sisters are huge book and series junkies. I, for one, am also a huge, huge fan of scores and Original Soundtracks of many different things. So we thought about why not doing the same as many book, series and movie fans who are also nailpolish lovers? Why not creating some Themed Nails?

And voilá – here we are!

I did the first design for this new adventure and I chose another birthday present from this year. In fact, I chose two! One polish and the other thing is the Extended Version of The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug OST by Howard Shore (Thanks so much, Zuzanna!)



As you can see, the main colour is a dark and rich purple. Good thing my Sister Snowhoney gave me a quite similar polish for my birthday. To make it look a bit more like a design for this particular Soundtrack I added a bit of my Christmas Essence Golden Glitter. And here is the result 2014-03-06 15.50.232014-03-08 15.16.342014-03-06 15.50.52I’m sorry for the not 100% perfectly shown shade of purple, but for my first try I was impressed with how much it really did look like the Extended version… and I wore this design with a bit of pride! 🙂

If you would like to recreate this, I used P2’s Diva Expressiva (which was already featured here) and you can basically use every gold glitter you can get your hands on! I’m quite sure it would work even better with nail art foil, but that’s something to try next time 😉

As always, featured by my Manhattan Base and my Essence Top Coat, this is something I’ll surely wear more than once!


What about you? Did you ever attempt to do a small design based on a book/movie/series/band etc? Let me know!


Kiss, kiss,