[Nell’s New In] Manhattan Birthday Colors

Remember how I wanted to buy more selectively? Well, I did!  And Manhattan made it easy by releasing a huge collection of absolute gems in nailpolish form in honor of their 50th birthday. I only chose three but I could easily have selected more. The main part of the collection consists of beautiful glitter polishes, that is to say glitter dispersed in solidly colored bases. My favorites! This is a haul so I will just show you the colors, no swatches yet, but expect these to pop up soon.

Dance Fever

Dance Fever

**Sidenote: just click on the pictures to enlarge them, it will help you see the colors better**

The first polish I picked is Dance Fever, a deep purple base jampacked with fine red-pink, blue and purple glitter. It reminds me a lot of a shredded down finer version of OPI Polka.com.

Amazing Anniversary

Amazing Anniversary

Next is Amazing Anniversary, a deep blue green with fine multi-colored flakeys and tiny black hexes. It seems to be rather liquid in the bottle, we’ll see what that means for the pigmentation.

Cupcake Addicted

Cupcake Addicted

And last but not least my special treasure Cupcake Addicted. It is a white base with iridescen shimmer flakeys and light pink hexes in different sizes . This one made me positively go weak in the knees. What a beaut! I can’t wait to wear this next.

Did you buy any of the Birthday Colors? Did you like them?


Nell’s New In: essence Aquatix Haul and Swatches (also Mermaid Polishes)

Photo 06-08-2014 17 55 11

Today I realized that I have a major problem when it comes to blue green sparkley mermaid-y polishes: I can’t for the life of me resist them. 

My love affair with the ocean has been long, deep and true. The longest relationship of my life. My parents took me to the Danish shores when I was about one or two years old. This vacation was the starting point for many things in my life. The ocean made such an impression on me that I flat out rebelled when my parents took me to the Alps the year after (ungrateful broad that I was). Let’s just say I never warmed up to the mountains and kept dreaming of the sea instead.

I blame this love of the ocean for my ever- growing collection of mermaid polishes as I like to call them (and yes, I am thinking very loudly about taking inventory of said polishes and post them here, I haven’t done an Archives post in almost a year. Shame on me.)

Enough with the waffeling let’s get to the main men of this post. I was really good at resisting most of the polishes from the Aquatix LE except for these two: 03 Aquatix Bay (The Caribbean Sand) and 06 Under Water Love (The Ocean Sand).

Despite the title Aquatix Bay is NOT a sand polish, it dries completely smooth. Color-wise it reminds me of Catrice’s Never Green Before from the Haute Future collection: it is a turquoise-y blue glass fleck that flashes golden/pale mint green. In the essence version the flecks are bigger though and it contains blue glitters that create solid specks in some lighting, as you can see below. The polish applied well but sheer. I painted three coats and it still had some translucency.

Under Water Love is a gem! It is a deep navy blue with turquoise to mint and gold glitter and it dries glossy but textured. This one is a true one coater, I didn’t feel the need what so ever to paint a second coat, which is rare. The glossy finish gives it a surprising depth. The sparkles just flash out of the dark. What a beaut!

I painted the polishes over a coat of OPI Nail Envy and one coat of p2 Ridgefiller, my nails need a bit of protection at the moment and sealed them with Orly Glosser. This is my first brush with Orly and so far I am happy. The topper dried quickly and added some intensity and shine to the polishes but it will not completely even out the texture. We’ll see how it works over holos etc. before I can make up my mind whether I like it or not.

In the pics below you can see Under Water Love and Aquatix Bay as an accent nail. I will add a picture in the daylight come morning.

Photo 06-08-2014 22 42 00


Photo 06-08-2014 23 12 56

artificial light

(yes, these are pre-clean up. Will take care of that in the morning)

Nell’s July 2014 Nailhaul

I know the month is only halfways over but with the Kaufstop I put on myself, I should be done for this month. Except there are two more on the way and I already broke the Kaufstop twice -.- I will do better from now on though and feel free to shame me if I fall back into old patterns.

Speaking of which I seem to have had a specific purchase pattern this month: Blues and greens (with a bit of pink on the side). Let’s begin with the blues then:

Photo 18-07-2014 20 23 08



I picked up Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer 07 Taffy Tart from TK Maxx for 3.99€. What drew me in was the deep blue with the multi colored glitter and the fact that it is a textured polish. This is my first Sally Hansen polish, we’ll see if it is any good. So far the Sally Hansen displays never really drew me in and let’s face it I really can’t afford to pay the regular 8€ for polish that I don’t find spectacular.

Next up are the two Catrice polishes with the silver cap on the far left and right. These were reduced to 1.75€ I had a shit day and that is about the best excuse I can come up with. The turquoise one goes by the name Bella Acquarella, in the dispersed in the shimmery base are turquoise glitters. It reminded me a bit of my beloved Captain America-blue another reason that made me buy it. 
The dark blue one is called Entering Atlantis and I am wearing it today. I picked it up because it has a fine pink glitter in the blackened blue shimmery base. It has a beautyful satin-like finish and there are no brush strokes visible but there is also no pink glitter visible. Sad. This goes in my blackened anything collection that I will dig out as soon as I am done with summer and want my fall and winter back (so in about 3 days). Below you can see a swatch of Entering Atlantis.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 24 17Last but not least Catrice’s Purple Reign. This one is being bumped from the range to make room for the new winter shades. I am currently having a bit of a purple moment, especially when it comes to my nails. This one caught my eye because it has blue, pink, silver and purple shimmers in the creamy purple base. It reminds me a bit of Petrolpolitan that way, it seems to be the same basic idea.

Moving on to greens.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 23 46(Ignore the thermal in the corner, we’ll get to that later). Firstly I baught Manhattan Palm Leaf when it had 20% off. It is a blue-green with gold shimmer and I think one of the first nailpolishes I ever owned over 10 years ago was also by Manhattan and had a similar color (green and gold combos seem to get me every single time).

Next up are my two new essies. The darker one is essie’s Firsttimer from last year’s resort collection. I’ve been pining for this polish like nobody’s business and initially the collection was not supposed to be released in Germany but god bless TK Maxx’s little heart, Firsttimmer turned up on their shelves along with my first Real Techniques brush set (travel essentials^^) Firsttimer is a bright but sort of pastell green mint, it is opaque in 2-3 coats and the formula needs a little patience but the resulting color just steals my heart. I have no pictures of this polish because the essence btgn topsealer gives it a weird yellow tinge. I’ll have to try to wear it with another topper, but so far I only have the topsealer, bear with me.
The other essie is Absolutely Shore. And you have seen me rave about this before, it is so pretty and I am a little surprised that I am still as in love with it as I were when I first saw it about 3 years ago. Such a beaut!

The last one is not per se a green but like Absolutely Shore it is a bit of an off-white. Where Absolutely Shore has a green tinge, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls is a little bit grey. You have seen this one before as well in one of my Germany manis.

Last but not least let’s take a look at the pinks.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 26 20I fell for another thermal and another neon-y pink (in the pic it looks a bit more peachy-coral though). The pink is from the recently released Astor Neo Tribal collection. Me and neon pinks, I really don’t know what it is. I’ll try this one and then we’ll see how it goes. Generally I really like the Astor Fashion Studio polishes, they are really solid drugstore polishes, great quality for the price and a little overlooked.
I have rambled on about the thermal here.

Fingers crossed this will be my last haul for a while. Mind you this is a collective haul spread out over the end of June and July.




New In: Nell’s Catrice Haute Future Haul and Swatches

Photo 13-04-2014 22 25 45


Hey there, guys!

I am giving my untrieds box a rest today to show you two of the Haute Future polishes. One I bought myself and the other was a surprise gift from Snowhoney ❤

Let’s begin with the one I bought myself:

Photo 12-04-2014 23 21 28

C05 Gem Into The Future

Gem Into The Future is not per se a disappointment but fact is, if you were able to snatch up Holo Manolo from the Luxury Lacquer LE you won’t need this one.
In the bottle it is a silver holo with blue to pink iridescent flakeys. I actually really like this idea. My indie holo Raven from Darling Diva also has duochrome flakeys and they tend to come out when you can’t see the holographic effect which is really nice, so you always have something to look at. However, in the Gem Into The Future the flakeys virtually disappear from the nail, you can only see them from a specific lighting in a specific light. This means 99% of the time this polish looks like Holo Manolo. The formula on this was quite thin and sheer but the polish was still opaque in 3 coats and drying time was okay. I am not too upset that I bought it, at least I won’t have to worry about ever running out of silver holographic polish ever again.

02 Never Green Before

C02 Never Green Before

Never Green Before is a bajillion of turquoise/pool blue glass flecks with a golden flash in a sheer slightly deeper turquoise base. Unortunately my camera flat out refuses to pick up the golden flash.
Again the formula was thin and sheer but on three coats it was fine. This polish is an absolute beauty. It glistens and glitters like nobody’s business. I know this is supposed to be an electric blue tying in with the futuristic theme but to me this screams summer. The blue reminds me of pool water, the golden flash gives me the hint of a golden sanded beach. I suspect I will wear this quite a bit in the summer when I’m in the mood for a flashy color.

I painted both colors over the p2 Ridgefiller to guarantee a smooth surface and under essence better than gel nails top sealer for extra gloss. Generally I am happy with the two polishes, they are gorgeous, what worries me however, is that both were 3,45€ as opposed to the regular Catrice price of 2,75€. The polishes in the Luxury Lacquer collection came in at the same price but I let it slide because these polishes were really special: holo, jam-packed with glitter, etc. but a simple glass fleck for 3,45€? I feel like after the price increase in the last range update we are in for another one soon and I’m not sure I like that.


Nail Mail: Head over Heels in love with Liquid Sky Lacquer

Hey ho everyone!

Today I wanna share my second nail mail that I teased you about here. This time I’m showing you my extreme order from Liquid Sky Lacquer. I have had a few of her polishes and I loved them, but before she showed her Valentine’s Collection I wasn’t aware that I NEED more of Carolyn’s polishes in my life, but I did. Here is what she send me:

Liquid Sky Lacquer Haul

Liquid Sky Lacquer Haul

Did you count? Ten polishes my friends, ten polishes! Oh and I am so in love with them! Carolyn makes amazing thermals, stunning holos and what not else. I just really love her choice of colors. Here is what I got:

1) Just Lucky

1) Just Lucky
Just Lucky is a thermal changer that’s like the gold and red envelopes some people receive during Chinese New Year. When warm, the polish is gold, and when cold, the polish is red with a gold shimmer.

2) Candlelight Dinner

1) Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight Dinner is a opaque wine colored polish with sprinkling of fine holographic dust throughout!

3) 24Karat Rose

1) 24Karat Rose
24Karat Rose is a thermal changer that when cold is a bright pink with gold shimmer, and when warm is gold!

24Karat Rose - cold state

24Karat Rose - transition state

24Karat Rose - warm state
I was surprised to find this polish being a bit sheer, but three thin coats to make it opaque are still fine. The pink is so beautiful as the gold shimmer is very visible and all over. In warm state, when you have the overall gold colour, I find this polish to still be a bit sheer, but nothing too visible. A beautiful gold shade that you will love!

4) Glistening Coral

1) Glistening Coral
Glistening Coral is a coral extreme holo polish.

5) + 6) The Valentine’s Day Duo
– Love is in the air

1) Love is in the Air
Love Is In The Air is a light holo polish with fine pink flakes throughout in a white/silver base.

Liquid Sky Lacquer "Love is in the Air"

Liquid Sky Lacquer “Love is in the Air”

Three thin coats to make it opaque, but probably two thicker coats would have done the job too. Very lovely “office shade” as the silver base comes off to me as a light rose base and the little pink flakes are precious but not flashy at all. But your nails will still stand out!

– Thinking of you

1) Thinking of you
Thinking Of You is a light holographic polish with purple flakes in a white/silver base.

7) Violet Explosion

1) Violet Explosion
Violet Explosion is a very glittery slight textured purple polish.

8) Bad Ass Nails

1) Bad Ass Nails
Bad Ass Nails is an extreme deep blue holo.

9) Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue

1) Emilys Sky Is Always Blue
Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue is a deep fluorescent blue slight holo polish!

Emily's sky is always blue on pinky and index finger

Emily’s sky is always blue on pinky and index finger

10) Leprechaun’s Gold

1) Leprechauns Gold
Leprechauns Gold is an opaque green polish with a gold shimmer!

Liquid Sky Lacquer "Leprechaun's Gold"

Liquid Sky Lacquer “Leprechaun’s Gold”

2 coats to make it opaque. The gold shimmer is visible and  just beautiful as it makes the green more complex.  This is an amazing green polish that I already loved in the bottle, but love even more now that I saw it on my nails.

Nail Mail: Colors by Llarowe

Hello fellow nail enthousiasts!

I had promised you nail mail aka haul pictures and descriptions and here we go. Today I have my smallest of the recent nail hauls for you: Colors by Llarowe.
For a long time, I only admired the colors from afar and never really tried to snatch some in one of the many pre-order phases on the shop. Yes, you read right: Pre-Order. The colors are usually so highly anticipated that they have to make special pre-order times for customers.

One day though I saw a swatch of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and knew I needed that in my life. When I saw an anouncement for the next pre-order phase I just went nuts and tried to make it work out. And it did. I got three colors, two that I have been looking at admiringly and one I just snatched up at the occasion:

2014-02-06 22.57.22

2014-03-09 01.58.39

Above you can see the following polishes:

1) Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Royal navy jelly with intense sparkle.
Perfect name for this really dark blue jelly with the sparkle. Couldn’t have named it better. The polish is rather thick and you need to be careful to let the first layer dry a bit more than usual before applying a second coat. But it is opaque in two coats and with a glossy topcoat sparkles like the nightsky. Loved it on my nails.

2014-03-09 01.43.10

2014-03-09 01.43.17

2014-03-09 01.44.52

2) Unknown Galaxy
Deep teal green jelly base with intense sparkle.
I think of this polish more dark green without teal, but hey, no matter how you describe the colour, it is very pretty. Application on this polish is very similar to “Twinkle, twinkle little Star”: polish is a bit thick, you need to let the first layer dry carefully before applying a second to make it fully opaque and pretty. Maybe I need something to make the polish a bit thinner? Any recommendations?

3) Come Dance the Hora
Silver holo base with micro blue and silver glitters and blue hex glitter.
The only polish of those I haven’t yet worn. It looks pretty on the nailwheel though. As far as I can tell the polish isn’t as thick as the other two and goes on the nail rather well. It glides. Once I ordered it, I forgot and bought essie’s “On a silver platter” as it was so hyped and when I got Llarowe’s polish I thought they were exact dupes. That is why I will show you both of them next to each other:

(this picture will come in later as the pic has accidentally been deleted -_-‘)

As you can see in the picture above, the polishes are different even if ever so slightly. Come Dance the Hora is a silver base while essie uses a base that looks rather golden outside of the bottle. I really don’t think you need to own both of those and I might be trying to find one of them a new home as its probably a polish colour I won’t be wearing often.

Anything on here that tickles your fancy?

Sneak Peek: Drowning in new polishes

Hello fellow readers, nail junkies and all those who want to become junkies 😉

I have been extremely naughty lately and by now you know this means I’ve been ordering tons of polishes online and you will get to see what I bought. Today, I can only try to make your little polish hearts beat faster and turn you into green envy monsters – I will give you a list of the three packages that were in the mail for me last week:

1) Order from LLarowe: (Colors by Llarowe)
– Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star
Royal navy jelly with intense sparkle.
– Unknown Galaxy
Deep teal green jelly base with intense sparkle.
– Come Dance the Hora
Silver holo base with micro blue and silver glitters and blue hex glitter.

2) Order from Pahlish:
-The Ghost Shift
Inspired by the armor of the Cybermen. Darkened silver holographic with gunmetal grey and iridescent purple microflakes that pop out in lower lighting, while the holographic effect is stronger in bright lighting.
– Forest of the Dead
Inspired by the Vashta Nerada; the shadows that melt the flesh; and their infestation of The Library. Deep green jelly base packed with coppery metallic flakes and bright green duochrome shimmer.
– Fleur de Sel
This polish was inspired by raw unrefined pink salt and is a mix of various flakes intended to mimic the crystalline structure of salt! This polish is also fairly “candy cane” for anyone looking for something festive!
Blush white jelly with a mix of micro-flakes in red metallic, shimmering white, and iridescent violet.
– “One Last Bow” Duo (January Duo)
* Eleven’s Hour is Over Now
Dark charcoal grey jelly packed with iridescent flakes in a rainbow of colors accented by soft silvery shimmer.
* The Clock is Striking Twelve’s
Clear topcoat with a mix of gunmetal & holgraphic gunmetal glitters accented by small black hex & small  matte gray squares with a dose of iridescent flakes.

3) Order from Liquid Sky Lacquer:
– Just Lucky
Just Lucky is a thermal changer that’s like the gold and red envelopes some people receive during Chinese New Year. When warm, the polish is gold, and when cold, the polish is red with a gold shimmer.
– Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight Dinner is a opaque wine colored polish with sprinkling of fine holographic dust throughout!
– 24Karat Rose
24Karat Rose is a thermal changer that when cold is a bright pink with gold shimmer, and when warm is gold!
– Glistening Coral
Glistening Coral is a coral extreme holo polish.
– The Valentine’s Day Duo
* Love is in the air
Love Is In The Air is a light holo polish with fine pink flakes throughout in a white/silver base.
* Thinking of you
Thinking Of You is a light holographic polish with purple flakes in a white/silver base.
– Violet Explosion
Violet Explosion is a very glittery slight textured purple polish.
– Bad Ass Nails
Bad Ass Nails is an extreme deep blue holo.
– Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue
Emily’s Sky Is Always Blue is a deep fluorescent blue slight holo polish!
– Leprechaun’s Gold
Leprechauns Gold is an opaque green polish with a gold shimmer!

I will review each arrived parcel individually and post my nailwheel swatches and if I have worn a polish until I write up the post, I will include these “swatches” too. Those worn polishes will most likely be Liquid Sky lacquer’s as Carolyn has become one of my absolute favourite indie polish makers (joining Missi from Different Dimension and Adina from A-England).
Are you green with envy yet?! 😉

Nell’s NotD: Plumbledore Gets the Blues and a Naughty OPI Haul

When the new Catrice range popped up at one of my favorite drugstores (yes, I have several -.-) I immediately launched the hunt for the two duo chromes that were promised and by chance I found them. No, seriously, one had been shoved into one of the powder slots, the other one lay on its back in its slot which is why it had been overlooked until then. The girl next to me almost murdered me with looks as I clutched my two little beauties to my chest. Sorry,kid, you’ll have to look harder next time [bitch mode: off]. It wasn’t like I ripped them from her hands I legitimately found them in the counter.
Let’s get back on topic here.

Obviously I painted them as soon as I got home and they are really pretty:

Catrice 46 Berry Potter and Plumbledore; Catrice 55 Get The Blues on my ringfinger

Catrice 46 Berry Potter and Plumbledore; Catrice 55 Get The Blues on my ringfinger

You can see two coats over OPI Nail Envy and under essence better than gel nails top sealer. Both still have a slight luminescence to them but the color shift makes it seem completely opaque. A third coat would make the result more intense but I chose to leave it at two.

Catrice 46 Berry Potter and Plumbledore has a reddish purple base with a strong turquoise-green shift. Application was really nice but the brush in my bottle was slightly splayed, at 2.75€ not a huge deal but still a little annoying. The top coat did not kill the shift which is always a plus. Drying time was quick. (Also can we take a second to appreciate that name?! *slumps off to Hogwarts right away)

Catrice 55 Get The Blues is a greenish blue base with a pink and golden shift in the bottle. On the nails there is a shift from darker to lighter blue green, the pink shift is very subtle and only visible in daylight. Again drying time and opacity were good. Even though it doesn’t keep the promise the bottle makes I strangely still like Get The Blues. It is still an interesting polish that I can’t stop staring at.

Berry Potter and Plumbledore and Get The Blues in daylight

Berry Potter and Plumbledore and Get The Blues in daylight

Now, what about the naughty OPI haul you ask? Yeah, that one wasn’t planned. I walked into TK Maxx today on the look out for a Filofax (don’t ask) and stumbled upon the beauty section…. and almost had a heartattack. They had OPI trios for 12.99€. Usually one bottle goes for 16€ alone. Well, I just had to rummage through the trios, didn’t I? Anyway, I did rummage and almost had the second heartattack, I stumbled upon this trio of gorgeousness:

OPI Me Tto Q, OPI Get Your Number, OPI DS Opulence

OPI Me To Q, OPI Get Your Number, OPI DS Opulence

A liquid sand, a Designer Series polish and a very pretty rosy raspberry cream? SOLD!

From Me To Q was limited for QVC and it is a bright rosy raspberry pink cream. The consistency looks a little watery but fairly opaque in the bottle. I will report back once I wear it.

OPI Get Your Number

OPI Get Your Number

Get Your Number was limited in one of the Mariah Carey collections. It is a liquid sand, so OPI’s version of a sand style. It is a middle blue with smaller and bigger silver and holographic glitter. It dries gritty and matte but the holographic glitter gives it a pretty twist. On the nailwheel it looks a little sheer but we’ll see how it performs on the nails. I looked up other people’s reviews of Get Your Number and they said it layers up nicely. Either way I can’t wait to wear it.

OPI DS Opulence

OPI DS Opulence

DS Opulence. A OPI Designer Series. The Unicorn. The polish line I always dreamed of or at least of owning one of them. So here we are. I can cross that one off of my bucket list now *___*.
Opulence is a pretty mauve-pink holographic polish. Just the kind of subtle with a twist I love so much (also HOLO *____*) I applied three coats on the nailwheel without a top coat. I hope my top sealer will bring out the holo more and not ruin it.
The OPI Designer Series features almost exclusively holos (I think there are some sand styles now). The caps of the Designer Series are silver and feel like they are either metal plated or fully made of metal (I can’t really tell). Opulence’s cap feels a little heavier than the regular caps and it feels cooler to the touch. Designer Series polishes were extremely hard to get in Germany and even if you could get them the 25€ price tag probably scared most people off.

nailwheel swatches OPI DS Opulence, OPI Get Your Number

nailwheel swatches OPI DS Opulence, OPI Get Your Number

So yeah, I feel like I really hit the jackpot here, I can’t decide which one to wear first really. Do you have any preferences?


New in: Nell’s Goodbye Winter Polishes Haul + Swatches

new additions

new additions: clock wise: essence color&go 155 red ahead; 160 deep sea, baby; 129 the boy next door and Catrice  35 Petrolpolitan

It is that time of the year again where Catrice and essence get rid of products that didn’t do so well or that were only meant for the fall/winter or spring/summer period. What that means for us is kissing goodbye some of our favorite products and shop the sale. essence reduces their products to .95€ a piece, Catrice used to reduce everything to 1.75€ which is still a bargain but this year the reduction was not uniform but the cheapest products went at 1.35€ the most ‘expensive’ ones at 2.25 which was still more than half price down. Enough on the numbers let’s hop into what I bought:

From the essence color&go range (you know that that’s one of my faves 😀 ) I picked up 155 red ahead, which is a muted dried blood- kind of color, a browny red cream, and because I love my muted colors I also picked up 160 deep sea, baby which is a blackened mossy green. It reminds me a lot of Stylenomics by essie, can anyone comment on that? Last but not least I bought 129 the boy next door, a very pretty shimmery middle blue (Snowhoney wore it here). It may come in handy for the Superbowl in 12 days, though the Seahawks are a little deeper blue I think. We’ll see.

From Catrice I only hauled Petrolpolitan which is a muted (again. sorry.) seagreen with blue and green shimmer. I hope the shimmer shows up on the nails. If not it is still a pretty kind of special color.

nailwheel swatches (left to right): Catrice Petrolpolitan, color&go the boy next door, deep sea, baby, red ahead

nailwheel swatches (left to right): Catrice Petrolpolitan, color&go the boy next door, deep sea, baby, red ahead

I will update this post with nailwheel swatches when I come home. I’m still wearing my Gameday mani and I can’t justify taking it off just yet, it still looks awesome even though I’ve had it on since saturday (it’s wednesday as I write this). And I hate taking off glitter polishes. Still. Despite the essence Superhero remover. Hmph. Oh BTW, if you were thinking about getting essence color&go time for romance which I featured in last sunday’s gameday mani (the pinky glitter) you might want to act fast, it is being discontinued as well!

Alrighty then, read you soon! I still have another NotD in the tube, to tide you over until I can bring myself to take off the gameday mani 🙂

New in: Nell’s essence Ice Ice Baby Haul+ Swatch

This one is a little different because it includes a little more than nailpolish but since it is still very nail-centric and I didn’t know where else to feature the clip I thought what the hell and put it on here. I hope you are okay with it!

When I received the press release I was quite excited because this LE promised a hand cream with coconut oil and holo polishes (but with essence we all know what that means. Duochrome. At best.)

Either way I jumped for the LE when it came out and here is what I got:

Ice Ice Baby Haul

Ice Ice Baby Haul

Ice Ice Baby 24h hand protection balm 01 let me hold your hand
I have to say I am impressed! The last essence hand cream I had was so horrid that I threw it out because it didn’t do anything at all for my hands and I hated the smell. Now this is a whole different story! It is thick and buttery and contains coconut oil and shea butter and really gets the job done. It says it won’t leave an oily residue but on me it does, at least it takes 5 minutes or so to sink in. It doesn’t kick my hand san Winter handcream of its throne but it is a really nice balm to apply before going to bed just before lights out when I won’t touch anything anymore for the next six or so hours. The scent is okay but nothing to write home about for me. So yes. Good, solid product that deeply moisturizes. I like.

essence Ice Ice Baby 01 Junior Championship

essence Ice Ice Baby 01 Junior Championship

Ice Ice Baby 01 Junior Championship
Junior Championship is a very sheer off white with a purpley pink shift. In the picture you can see three (!) coats over OPI Nail Envy and under essence better than gel nails top coat. I surprisingly really like this. It makes your nails look really nice and put together but the purple-pink shift stops it from looking completely bland. This might be one that you can sneak into even a rather conservative office. For me this here would be the perfect solution for a nude without the feeling of selling my soul. It applied completely stress- and streakfree, dried quickly and the even the topper couldn’t bury the shimmer. Another like 🙂

As for the clip, this thing is really neat. I hate it when my earphones are flopping around in my bag but lugging the box everytime is just really impractical. The clip has a snap fastener and keeps my cables nice and rolled up until I need them again. (BTW, I’ve had my ear pods for over a year and they are still going strong. Apple got something very right there.)

Don’t worry I am not planning on blogging every single day now, I just had so much I wanted to write up and there are two more posts in the tube. One of them is going up tomorrow just in time for the divisional play offs but the other one is so late already that I may hold it for another day or two. Either way I hope you’re all well and having a lovely day! Read you tomorrow 🙂