Nell’s Spring Color Forecast: Ultra Pastells/Off-Whites

Basically since last summer I’ve been going back and forth between the blacks, the non-colors and the whites. Not much middle ground there. And it is spring again and out come the pastells and (not only) in my case the ultra pastells or essentially white polishes with just a hint of pigment in them.

Photo 19-04-2015 15 10 34

left to right: OPI My Boyfriend scales Walls, OPI Skull and Glossbones, Catrice Pure Blue, essie find me an oasis, essie fiji 2014, essie fiji 2012, essie absolutely shore (candle in the background is dm’s own brand in the rose scent, love the scent and the plain simple jar)

In my experience essie does the ultra pastells best. fiji started the obsession for me in 2012 which is the more nude of the two light pinks in the picture above. It already has the wide brush but it still needs at least 3 coats. fiji 2014 is considerably pinker but the formula is better and requires only two coats.

Another obsession of mine is essie absolutely shore which is the pale green in the picture. It is lighter and slightly more yellow in tone than mint candy apple. absolutely shore was originally never launched in Germany when it came out in 2011 (I bought mine via, great place to find essies that were either never out in Germany or they have been sold out everywhere). It also came out before the relaunch, hence the slightly difficult texture of the polish, the narrow brush and the fact that it requires at least 3 coats. But once it’s on and even it is one of the most beautiful shades in the world to me.

The last of the essie- bunch is also the most recent addition to my collection: With the essie Birthday packs I finally got my hands on the elusive, legendary find me an oasis. What a beaut! Opaque in two coats, lasts 7 days on me easily (despite work and tapping away on a keyboard for school) and the wide brush is perfect for my nail size and shape, obviously something very personal but yeah, the obsession with essie is real at the moment.

One of the polishes that was considered a dupe for find me an oasis was Catrice’s Pure Blue, which came out with the Nude Purism collection. Up close next to each other you can see that Pure Blue is slightly paler and warmer than find me an oasis. Pure Blue has also kind of clear sparkle in the formula which is basically invisible on the nail. It applies well and is opaque and streakfree in two coats.

Last but not least two OPI options. For one My Boyfriend scales Walls which is a true off-white and Skull and Glossbones which is a pale nude/bone color.  Both apply evenly and are good to go on two coats and as opposed to other OPIs recently I have no tipwear issues with these two.

What are your must-have colors for spring?


Nell’s NotD: Nails of Steel

Photo 13-10-2014 11 11 29

I am in love with this polish. Surprisingly so. Initially when I saw the Catrice Metallure display this was the last one I even looked at and then I decided to just leave it there and stick with the pretty red-gold Metalight. Until I saw swatches. This has to be one of the most perfect metallic nail polishes that have been produced ever. Super smooth, opaque in two coats and no brushstrokes, I repeat NO brushstrokes. I think, it looks like you have a gun metal coating on your nails and the grungy-metal chick in me is obsessing over this. Unfortunately it took me forever to paint this color so I am not sure whether you can still get it. If you can go for it, it’s amazing. I am wearing this over the p2 base+care coat  and under the Lacura Gloss Coat. I do have minimal tipwear 3 days in but it’s not too bad, as I am still in the ‘Let’s repaint every three days’-phase.

Nell’s September 2014 Favorites

Photo 28-09-2014 17 12 20

This month is a tough one to pick a favorite because there are a couple of outstanding ones like Sittin’ Pretty or Abundance and I have to say I’m very proud to report that I managed to upload a new post every three days this month. School starts again in October so I’m not sure I can keep it up but we’ll see. I digress.

When push comes to shove, my favorite this month was probably that last combo on the bottom right: essence effect polish in 21 icy fairy over color and go 144 back in black. It is one of the prettiest topcoats I have seen in a while, with its blue to purple to pink sheen and silver and holo hexes. It looks like a glittery nightsky on my nails and next to my mermaid polishes this has to be my favorite thing.

Photo 25-09-2014 17 11 19

What was your favorite polish this month? Do you have preferations like I with my night sky and mermaid polishes?

Snowhoney’s September 2014 Favourites

Hello everyone!

It’s that time of the month again… Favourites post or videos pop up everywhere and of course they happen on this blog too, so here we go.



Yep, my favourite was the “Knight of Hell” by FingerLickin’ Lacquer – gosh her polishes completely got me obsessed! Love the bright red colour and the cinnamon scent. Couldn’t get better this month…

And as per usual, I show you the 5 polishes from my Untrieds drawer that I absolutely want to paint this month:


Oh these beauties! Which one should I show you first?

Nell’s NotD: Neon Lavender

Photo 22-09-2014 16 07 18

Remember how a couple of weeks ago I was all like: ‘I wanna get into purple polishes like essie Sittin’ Pretty’? Yeah, so Sittin’ Pretty was re-released in Germany with the Oktoberfest-collection (don’t get me started on that Oktoberfest BS. I am Hessian and Germany is so much bigger and better than that stuck up, capricious ratsnest part in the south east). Either way the GOOD part about that Oktoberfest limited edition was that it contained Sittin’ Pretty and I even found one that didn’t have that silly ‘Schatzi’-pin attached to it.

Can we take a moment to just appreciat the color?! UGH, it’s so pretty!

Initially it was quite sheer and artificial light washes out the color a bit, so I painted three coats but two would have probably been enough. In natural daylight (see above) it is a stunner. Very vibrant and bright but for some reason not too in your face.

Below you can see it with flash and that’s when it really glows:

Photo 22-09-2014 16 06 54Despite being one of essie’s neons it dries quite glossy and rather quickly. I wore my usual OPI Nail Envy/ essence BTGN top sealer combo for extra protection. I’ve only had it on for a day but so far no chipping or bubbling, despite chores and typing and such.

What do you think? Is this pretty or what?

Nell’s August 2014 Favorites

Where has this year gone? I feel like I’m barely able to keep up *wipes forehead. I’m still jumping back and forth between the thesis, work and trying desperately to keep myself sane and I got a hunch I’m not doing such a great job with it. Either way here are my August favorites. I’m sorry that I don’t have a fancy collage for you this time. I kept on missing to take pictures and to be fair I wore some shades that I have worn on the blog before.

My two favorites this month are of course (-.-) two of those that I didn’t photograph. The first one is my first modelsOWN polish, one of those lucky finds at TK Maxx. It is the color Thunder and Lightning, which is basically a black jelly base with a myriad of fiery holographic glitters dispersed in it. It applies beautifully but true to its jelly nature it takes 3 coats to be opaque. I wore this on my birthday. It is just the best party-shade isn’t it? Ten to one I’m gonna wear this on New Year’s too.

The other one is from Catrice’s Metallure collection, the shade C03 Metallight. It is a coppery muted rose gold color. This was opaque in 2 coats if a bit streaky. My Lacura topcoat evened it out really nicely though. I am a bit weary with rose golds and my skin tone because they sometimes just blend right in, but this one worked for me.

What were your favorites this month?Photo 30-08-2014 23 32 28

Snowhoney’s August 2014 Favourites

Hello fellow nailjunkies!

Another month is over and I am kinda getting into a routine here… I mean, with all the “Untrieds” and painting my nails pretty often to have enough posts for this blog and my personal blog. Blogging is my guilty pleasure at the moment and I hope I can keep up with the pace here.

My favourite polish this past month was…



Yeah, it was “Nice Melons” by Colors by Llarowe. A beautiful summer ycolour that I loved to wear. As application and formula are on point, this polish is nothing but wonderful to me. I can only recommend this little beuty to everyone!

And now on to my Untrieds choices for the month of September:


Yes, you will definitely see all these beauties (and hopefully even more!) from me in September.

Which polish do you want to see first?


Snowhoney’s July 2014 Favourites

Welcome dear reader,

it is time for the monthly favourites again and oh wow, I feel like I’ve worn a lot of polish. Not sure if this “untrieds” thing is making me polish more or… well, it certainly isn’t easy to match the colours I chose to what I want to wear, but I’m still going strong, so I’ll be doing this again. Mor about that later.

My favourite polish this month was…


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Nell’s July 14 Favorites

Photo 05-08-2014 14 43 01

Sorry guys, favos are a little late this month. I am ridiculously busy with staying on top of grown up stuff. And as per usual everything is coming all at once. Oh well, not really an excuse, right?

Above you can see all the manis I wore this month and I had a hard time picking a fave this time. I really really enjoyed wearing the essie ombre in green, that dark blue Catrice polish was fantastic and I really have to stop raving about essie Absolutely Shore.

My favorite though, considering all of the memories that come with it now, is the Germany mani I wore ever since the quarter final of the world cup.

Photo 02-07-2014 21 35 59

The mani has essence’s redvolution and black is back, which are available in the standard range. The yellow is from a limited edition from about 4 to 6 years ago (if not older, I had that thing for ages), pinky and thumb are one of the Catrice holos from the Luxury Lacquer limited edition earlier this year.

What was your favorite polish this month?

Snowhoney’s June 2014 Favourites

Hello nail junkies!

It’s that time of the month again… and fortunately, summer is kinda here or on its way. Love it. Warm weather (unfortunately we either have it too chilly or too hot), sunshine, lots of ice-cream… can you tell I like summer a lot?!

This month’s choice was fairly easy, even though I showed you a couple great polishes. Did you enjoy my untrieds choices?
At the end of this post, I’ll show you the five polishes out of my Untrieds drawer that are my choice for July!

My favourite June polish:


I Love Nail Polish “Undenied” (H)

Actually not a very summery colour as it is pretty dark and feels more like a fall polish, but the effect is rather impressive in the sun!

My five new Untrieds choices for this month:

Untrieds for July 2014

Untrieds for July 2014

What was your favourite polish in June?