Munderoon’s NotD: Up in the Air


today’s NotD has been my favourite “This weather is awful, I need some bright blue sky feeling” polish during this winter. I don’t know what the weather’s like around your area, but mine seems to have moved to England, because there is no winter, no spring, just a dull, grey mess for weeks. And green christmas! Urgh!

So naturally, I tried to brighten up my days with a nice, bright nailpolish. This time it came down to P2 number 920 “Up in the Air”. And well… let’s say, it feels like your nails have been dipped into the bright blue sky right outside the plane’s window. (And I had to think of the movie with Anna Kendrick and George Clooney as well ;D) But enough with the talk, here we go:


P2 “Up in the Air” in artifical light, rounded up by the usual suspects, my Manhatten Base Coat and my Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat

My paint job wasn’t the finest and I’m working on this problem I seem to have only with bright colours (a mystery that needs solving!) Nevertheless, I loved to venture back into this corner of the spectrum, because – as you might have noticed by now – I’m usually more of a dark kind when it comes down to nailpolish.

Do you have any preferences concerning bright colours? Or do you avoid them completely?

Have a nice day!

Munderoon 🙂


Munderoon’s NotD: Run, Run Rudolph!

One month.

One. Friggin. Month.

I am sorry! Really am! For the past few weeks I obviously haven’t been the best nailpolish addict around town, but there are two very good reasons for it!

Number 1: Work. Loads of it. Urgh

Number 2: My nails were damaged up to the critical point of “Do not attempt to apply nailpolish!”

But for now, they are quite good and healed up to a level where I can look at them closely without being sad that there won’t go any polish on them in the next few days!

Also there is a new camera in the game, which might help with the crappy pictures I took so far 🙂

So, with that much to catch up, I decided to catch up properly! Because the Nailpolish I wore this past weekend was one from Essence’s Holiday Collection. In case you don’t know about these, here are all of them!

I own two of them and today I’m going to blog about my date with Number o2 “Run, Run Rudolph!”


Essence 02 “Run, Run Rudolph” – Holidays Collection 2013

The polish convinced me because of its lovely red colour. It’s a bit coral, but with a nice touch of diva red lips. In combination with the glittery red special topper (on the picture above at the bottom), it becomes a sparkly Christmas treat, also convincing for other occasions.


“Run, Run Rudolph” combined with my Essence Top and my Manhattan Base Coat

And this is the result! I was very satisfied with it, when I first put the polish on my nails, because it actually kept its colour promise. Which was a relief, because the other Holiday Polish I own was a dark purple in its phial, but turned out to be a chocolate kind of brown. (Not a bad thing, but still not the promised colour!)

Another positive thing about “Run, Run Rudolph!” was that Essence put their Fast Dry mixture into the glittery special topper, because once applied it is almost as fast as my Essence Fast Dry Top Coat.

So, when I first wore this polish, I was very happy with it, but here comes the bad part:

I was happy with it for about 13,5 hours. Because this polish is everything but resistent!

Since I didn’t wore my Top Coat with it the first time, it was almost expected, because that’s what happens everytime I do not use a Top Coat. This time although I used my Top Coat with it, but it didn’t make a huge difference. I think there might be an advantage of maybe 2 hours, still not something to be proud of though.

On the one hand, its missing resistance is quite annoying, on the other hand: it is designed for the Holidays. Maybe their plan was to make those polishes like a stunning evening appearance: breath taking but oh so short…

I still love the colour, but I might think about it twice next time I want to use it.

What about you? What are your experiences with the Holiday collection?




Munderoon’s November Favourites

Look who’s terribly late to the November-Favourites-Party!

Sorry for being late (and not entirely present in this blog at the moment), but I promise to do some more nail posts in the not too distant future again.

I have only one polish as my November favourite, because it was the last one I was wearing before my nails literally broke apart because of work and infinite stress in the past few weeks.

But with the ultimate Marvel-Movies-Year to come, you might enjoy this polish, which will definitely be a part of my “Captain America – Return of the Winter Soldier” cinema event!

I present to you:


Flormar’s 431

It has an absolutely stunning finish, which is perfectly keeping up the good work for several days, even after almost a year in my posession. I applied two layers, based on my usual Base Coat and followed by my Essence Top Coat.

The picture above shows the polish in artifical light, where it seems to be more dark, while it is a nice, bright sky-blue colour in daylight.

Probably one of my favourite blue nailpolish colours in a while!

Enjoy December,


Munderoon’s October Favorites

Hello, hello! It’s November, which means: time for monthly favorites!

This month’s favorite is an easy choice, because I can finally give a brief review on one of my base coats:


Manhattan’s Pro Care Base Coat “Nail Hardener”

I bought this one a few weeks ago, because a friend recommended it to me and I have been using it ever since.

My nails did not become extra super hard, but they become stronger.

So I’m quite surprised that – after many, many base coats – this one does at least 79% percent of the promised work!

Have a nice november!


Munderoon’s NotD: Catrice “Dirty Berry”

Dear nailpolish addicts and maybe soon-to-be nailpolish addicts 😉

In today’s NotD I want to show you a long time favorite of mine:

Catrice’s “Dirty Berry”


Manhattan’s Base Coat Nail Hardener, plus two layers of “Dirty Berry” and the Essence Fast Dry Top Coat (Artifical Light)


Same combination with natural light

Okay, so what makes this polish one of my favorites?

First of all, I admit that it doesn’t look so special and very plain at first, especially when you see the polish only for a short second or from a distance. All one can see than is a light version of a lavender/lilac-ish colour, sometimes it might even look like it’s more grey or even somehow blue-ish. It almost appears like someone tried to combine all of these colours, but a Dementor decided to feed on those colours and this is the result: a kind of frosty, kinda withdrawn colour with small glitter elements.

And that is exactly what I love about this colour, because everybody seems to see something different in it and if you look at it close, it surprises you with it’s beauty and complexity! And because I do like underestimated polishes, I love this one 🙂


What do you think?



Munderoon’s September Favorites

For me, September was the month of Special Effect and Glitter Top Coats, because they give a whole new dimension to a otherwise maybe boring colour – if they are well made.

Here are the nominees (and winners, heh) for “Munderoon’s September Favorites”:


(Left to right): Essence “Circus”, P2 “Go Crazy!” and Essence “Hello Holo”

Review on “Circus”: [x]

Review on “Go Crazy!”: [Soon to sneak up!]

Review on “Hello Holo”: [x]

What are your September favorites?

Godspeed, Munderoon

Munderoon’s NotD: “English Rose” feat. Ombré Nails

After Nell’s and my Sister Haul we felt the need to try one of our new colours right away. My choice was Essence “English Rose”


Essence “English Rose” (2 Layers) and the usual suspects (Manhatten Nail Hardener, Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat)

I’m very, very satisfied with this colour, because it looks a bit like a darker version of a modest lip colour. It’s not too red, nor too pink – just right. It’s a bit like antique pink and it reminds me of the roses, which are pictured on old english porcelain tea cups! (I kind of see how they found the name)

Anyway, after wearing it for a day, I asked myself what else this colour might be capable of. And since I saw Snowhoney’s Ombré Nails, I wanted to try that myself, after I had to admit that my skills at water marbelling are pretty rubbish.

I didn’t want to have a strong contrast, meaning I didn’t want to use a colour from a whole different colour family, so I went with Catrice “Shopping Day at Bloomingdales” – one of the polishes from my last Haul.

My method is barely different from Snowhoney’s, but in case you want to know, I’ll give you the details:

What you need:


I. A base coat (Mine is Manhatten’s Pro Care Nail Hardener)

II. A Top Coat to “seal the deal” later (Mine is Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails)


III. At least two colours, so you’ll have the Ombré effect. (You can use more but I guess because I’m a starter, 2 colours are good to train with.) Mine are “English Rose” as the basic colour and “Shopping Day at Bloomingdales” as the Ombré colour.


IV. Sponges. Which kind is up to you, I guess you’ll have to figure out what works best for you. I just used some make up sponges from the local drugstore, since they are small and soft and have the right texture for me.

What to do:

First things first: don’t panic! And don’t get your expectations up too high (because that’s what happened to me and the water marbelling). If you might be not as good at this as you hope at the first attempt, don’t be disappointed. Training works! And if it doesn’t … there’s always another cool thing to with your nails.

Okay, having that one out of the way, let’s start this.

One, you have to apply your base coat and let it dry.

Two, you have to apply your base colour. Which one is yours to choose.

Optional Step: You can apply your top coat before you start with the Ombré itself. I don’t say that this is necessary, but since I did it – because I didn’t know I would do the Ombré nails later on – I can report that there is no harm in doing so. Especially because my Top Coat is a Quick Dry and helps to get this done a bit faster.

Three, you have to apply your base colour and your Ombré colour to your sponge.


Like this! (Sorry for the messy picture, I took a picture half through the cleaning process, because I didn’t think of taking it earlier) I hope the picture gives an idea how to apply the nailpolish.
You should think about which way around you’re gonna use the sponge, so you won’t end up with reversed Ombré nails. (That is, as long as you don’t want them… 😉 )

Four, you have to apply the polish onto your nails. To get the Ombré look, you shouldn’t only concentrate on creating a perfect imprint of the sponge, because then you would only get a hard transition between the basic and the Ombré colour. Try to dab the Ombré colour to a greater area of the nail first, before you can correct that with dabbing the basic-colour-sponge-part over it. If you have the transition, you can work on the bottom of the nail, giving the Ombré colour the amount of strength you would like to have.

And here is my result:

??????????????????????????????????????I was really surprised at the effect it showed on my nails after the first try already. And I’m excited to try this with some different colours! If you want to try this but you’re not sure if this description is enough, you can also use a YouTube tutorial. Some of them are well done and easy to understand. 😉

Do you want to try Ombré nails? Which colour combination would you like to see? Let me know! 🙂



Munderoon’s Sister Haul: Meet my new Colours

As teased in Nell’s Sneak Peek, we’ve been shopping together!

(Well, okay. Let’s just say we hunted some nailpolish, that’s about it ;D)

Here is my catch:


So, Nell and me have been to the small, but well sorted Rossman near her place, because of the sudden idea to buy some more nailpolish.

(Not that any of us hasn’t got enough of it, but we just felt like we could use a good sister haul after the stress of the past days and weeks.)

After an investigation in both our nailpolish box(es), we discovered that we both showed some serious symptoms of “buying only one or two particular colours of nailpolish”. I can’t recall if we wanted to try to change that or if we just agreed on buying naipolish together, but the end of the story was that I ended up with two of the most common colours I already have and one that’s clearly on second place. Anyway, I’m really happy with what I’ve got and I’ll give you some details on it:


Left one: Catrice 13 “Shopping Day at Bloomingdales” is a nice and vivid purple-bluish colour. So far, I haven’t swatched it, but I have used at as the second colour for my first attempt on Ombré nails (Later to come in my NotD)

Right one: Catrice 10 “I’m not a Greenager” is my second attempt at finding my favorite shade of green without any special effects, such as metallic or holo elements. I’m not yet sure it’ll work out for me, but it looked nice!


Another new colour is this beauty here, Essence 111 “English Rose”. I didn’t buy it only because its name spoke on a spiritual level to me, but because this slighly pink, but more grown up colour of this nailpolish just looked very elegant and perfect to wear. I immediately fell in love with it and, as Nell said it, it looks really grown up.
(Will be reviewed later, keep your eyes fixed on this blog 😉 )


Last but not least I bought a new nailpolish remover, which smells absolutely nice and contains different agents to prevent nail damage. It comes with a small pump, which ensures that you can measure the amount of liquid quite perfect. It is also refillable and looks kinda stylish. Sadly, it is a limited edition, but I hope I can at least use the pump for quite a while. Last thing I bought are some make-up sponges. They are cut into small triangles and you can use them perfectly for Ombré nails. (Also later to come). And the moment I saw Snowhoney doing a great job with the Ombré technique, I wanted to try it myself!

So this was my side of this Sister Haul, I hope you enjoyed and have a nice, fluffy Sunday! 😉


Munderoon’s NotD: ‘Fresh Sister’ Meets ‘Hello Holo’


New Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat, p2’s “Fresh Sister”, Essence Special Effect Topper “Hello Holo” and Manhattan’s Base Coat “Pro Care Nail Hardener”

Hello Nailpolish Addicts!

Today’s NotD is another one from me – Munderoon! And another polish, which gets pimped by a Special Effect Topper.

As you might have seen in my last NotD, which was a combination of Fame Fatal and the Circus Topper, I’m in a Special Effect phase at the moment, so today I want to introduce you to my favorite one: Essence Special Topper “Hello Holo”.

My favorite combination so far has been this beauty here:


Make Up Factory’s Number 40 feat. Hello Holo

 I did try it with a pastel colour before, but didn’t like the result as much as the one above:


Essence Alpha Better Gamma (Travelled from: Nell -> Munderoon in June 2013) feat. Hello Holo

So since I’m into darker colours anyway, I kind did forget about the idea of pimping the lighter colours with this Topper.

But when I was convinced by a friend of mine to use a bit more candy-like nailpolish, as P2’s 130 “Fresh Sister”, I wanted to give it another chance and I’m delighted to admit that it turned out almost as good as my dark favorite!

2013-09-24 15.57.05-2

P2’s “Fresh Sister” feat. “Hello Holo” (Essence) in natural light


Same combination, artifical light

My overall review is absolutely positive, not only concerning the Topper (though it probably seems so :D) and I love my two candy nail colours now almost as much as I love my darker shades.

And I adore my Topper ❤

What about you? What are your experiences with Special Topper?

(I used my new Essence Top Coat [finally back with the good stuff!] and my new Manhatten Base Coat, a Nail Hardener. Both work perf so far!)

NotD: Essence Fame Fatal (+ Essence Nail Art 02: Circus Confetti)

Good morning, nailpolish addicts! Since today is a Monday, we’ll have some fun NotD to cheer you up!

You ready? 😉

"Fame Fatal" in broad sunlight, in contrast to the light blue back page of "Heaven, Texas" (with Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat)

“Fame Fatal” in broad sunlight, in contrast to the light blue back page of “Heaven, Texas” (with Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat)


    "Fame Fatal" with Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper "Circus Confetti"

“Fame Fatal” with Essence Nail Art Special Effect Topper “Circus Confetti”

Today’s NotD is a combination of two Essence polishes!

After putting my Essence Base Coat on, I browsed through my nail polish box and tried to find out which colour I want to wear before going to London. And because I want to go with my OPI during my London trip, I chose something bright and lovely, something colourful.

Essence 114 “Fame Fatal” was a present from Nell and I loved it since then! There are so many different shades of red and sometimes you run around, trying to find your shade and suddenly – you find it. That’s what it felt like with this beauty.

But because it creates such a strong contrast between my rather pale skin and itself, I chose to gave the whole thing a bit more of a playful attitude – and added my newest Topper from Essence from the Special Effect Collection: 02 Circus Confetti.

As its name already implies, this topper contains a huge variety of different confetti shaped sequins in different colours. They could’ve called it “Cologne Carnival”, too. 😉

The Circus Topper is also a nice Top Coat, its finish almost as perfect and smooth as the one achieved by using the Essence Fast Dry Top Coat. As always, I used my Ultra Nail Repair Base Coat, but didn’t use my Catrice Top Coat, since the finish of the Circus Topper was amazing.


How do your “cheer me up” nails look like? 😉