Munderoon’s June 2014 Favourites

Dear Nailpolish Addicts,

today’s favourites has to be a quicky, but a red, wild and good one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

My absolute favourite this month has to be P2 Volume Gloss Number 080 “Grande Dame”


The Glossy Volumes do not disappoint in their glossy-ness! One layer of Essence Top Coat and BA BOOM! – this is what it looks like. I love to wear this polish, it is one of my favourite red’s I was ever lucky enough to find. My favourite part is, that it isn’t to sweets-like or with that almost regular touch of neon this days.

Hope you’ll have a shiny, glossy July!


Munderoon โค


Munderoon’s NotD: A-England – Tristam

Dear Nailpolish Addicts,

today we’re celebrating a very special day.

*vuvuzela noises*

Uhm… yeah, ok. The world cup starts as well, but that’s actually not what I meant (shame on me?) It’s another special kind of day: it’s “Munderoon finally got a second A-England polish!”-day. *hopefully some nailpolish addicts applauding slowly and kind of confused*

As you might now, one of my favourite nailpolishes of all time – Saint George – is from A-England as well and since then I have been longing to extend my collection with two, or a thousand more of them. So a few weeks ago, Snowhoney asked if we would need anything from A-England or other brands and of course, of course I had to say yes!

So here we are with the one that made it to me this past Sunday, when Snowhoney dropped by (and psssst! She even brought one as a present, so keep your eyes open for a brand-premier from me!): A-England’s Tristam


“Tristam” – direct artifical light

As it always seem to happen, when you wear an A-England polish, people are surprised by how many colours the product combines, and how glittery it actually looks, though it isn’t too flashy. That’s exactly what I thought when I first put it onto my nails. I love the combination of deep purple-ish, the occasional silver-glitter and the kind of hidden blueish elements of this polish. In fact, I love it so much, that I wore it twice this week! (Guess I’m an Tristam Addict then, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


“Tristam” in direct sunlight


“Tristam” in direct sunlight (outside)

In the two pictures above, you can easily see, how it looks rather blue and then again super purple in sunlight, as well as the glittery part of it.

If you love dark colours and always thought about buying your first A-England polish, I can absolutely recommend this one. “Tristam” is part of “The Mythicals” collection by A-England.


What do you think?


Munderoon โ™ฅ

Munderoon’s May Favourites 2014

Dear nailpolish addicts,

in my favourites for last month, you’ll once again encounter a polish that is more on the basic side of life. Looking after the post of the Sister’s Sister was kind of the only real polish thing I managed last month, together with one or two (!) paint jobs, consisting of colours I already reviewed and one for my Challenge, which will hopefully come up soon!

Anyway, that’s the reason why you’ll get this picture from me today!


This is Essence Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base and once again one could say, that I still haven’t found the right base coat for my nails. As you might know, I thought I had the right one for me several times by now, so I’m gonna go easy with this one. At the moment, I am quite satisfied though. It’s drying quite quickly, plus it’s visible when it is dry. It doesn’t leave any spots on the nails and even when you’re painting two layers of – like in my example above – Shopping Day at Bloomingdales plus a top coat, it stays neatly together and it doesn’t look or feel like you’re wearing four layers of polish. However, that last part might also depend on which colour or brand you use, but for now I’m okay with what the Base Coat does and what he doesn’t.

On a last note, I can’t give you my experiences with the actual hardening effect yet, because I’m barely using it for two weeks and haven’t painted my nails that often in those. But I do have the slight feeling, that they are not as weak at the “usual breaking points” as they were before.

Hope I could bring some light to those who are still searching for a good Base Coat in a low price category! For those who have found just the one – what is it? how did you find it and most importantly – where do WE get it? ๐Ÿ˜‰


All the love for you,


Guest Appearance! A Sister’s Sister – That One Shade of Grey

Dear Nailpolish addicts,

today is a very special day for our Sisterhood! After celebrating our 100-post-goal back in March, we’re having another premiere today: our first guest appearance. That One Shade of Grey tells you the story of a Sister’s Sister, namely my – Munderoon’s – sister, who isn’t exactly a Nailpolish maniac, but has a thing or two for classy, unique colours, which go perfectly with the cool, but chique style of a big and busy city. And I think it’ll speak to us on the very basic level of finding the right shade, which is almost always the hardest thing to do…

That One Shade of Grey
Sometimes you have something on your mind, be it a skirt, a book, a colour . . . You try to figure out for yourself, where you got that idea in the first place or what exactly it is that makes it sensational. Well, in most cases you don’t know why, but you just know it is sensational and that it doesn’t leave your mind either. You gotta have it. But how?
I had this perfect grey in mind for ages (or at least what felt like ages), nailpolish-perfect-grey you guessed it. The idea in my head was vague, so I searched in the usual places for it, roaming through the offers from the known brands. Be it Essence, OPI, Catrice, p2; even Chanel, YSL or Dior. Zero. Nothing.
Well, not literally. There were all kinds of grey. But not the one I had in my mind. Then, one day approaching Douglas, searching for something else, I caught in the corner of my eye this nailpolish. And there it was. Perfect grey. Like, the one.
But the only thing left was the sampler. Argh (I turn into a pirate for occasions like that. Pirates of the Caribbean part 1-3. Not 4). Perfection. Almost. Searched again, with that sampler in my hand, had a look at other brands. Zero.
But hey, this is capitalism, right? Fresh supply is (almost) always a must.
So finally, last week, there was it again. The grey that resembles a lot the fur from that one cat in that one add on TV. Grey-blueish, velvet-esque.
Shop: Douglas
Brand: Anny; Nr. 355 “velvet chinchilla”
Pro’s: Perfect grey; reasonable price
Con’s: needs at least (!) two layers; not exactly a spring/summer colour


Do you have had a similar problem in the past and were able to find the one, the perfect shade?

Let us know!

And if you’re still looking for some summer-nail-glittery, check out Nell’s Challenge Part II, which was superb!

Munderoon’s April 2014 Favourites

Dear Polish-People!

Welcome to the first round of Favourites in April on a bank holiday here in Germany! ๐Ÿ™‚

The weather has been great on the one hand in the past few days – sunny and warm! – and on the other hand total crap (sorry, but I hate thunderstorm and heavy rain!). Plus, April was my moving out month, there was a lot of stress involved, so I wanted to have a long lasting polish, that could also keep up the mood in case of bad weather.

And lets say, guess who came to the rescue again? Well, it’s Essence!

IMG_20140420_130355IMG_20140420_130419This is “Be Berry Now!” by Essence (first one in dimmed sunlight, second in full fledged artifical camera light) and it is absolutely perfect for a strong, berry summer colour! I just love it, it’s the perfect mixture of a rich red with a good mix of a borderaux kinda colour. (If I’ll ever manage to find a lip stick with the exact colour, I might be the happiest girl in town! Recommendations are very welcome ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

If you apply only one layer, it looks a bit lighter – a shade that could absolutely be worth an investment, if you ask me – and when you apply two, it’s perfect. And well… it survived most of the moving stress, which means it gets extra points for staying with me!

In the end, it also worked out nicely topped with a little glitter – you might know by now that I try to top off everything with glitter. *yey*20140421_121639

So, on the brink of summer – do you have favourite colours already?

Let me know!

Happy May, polish people!

xoxo Munderoon


PS: Have you seen the first two Sisterhood Challenges made by Nell and Snowhoney? I very much approve! ๐Ÿ™‚

Munderoon’s Themed Nails: Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug OST [Extended Version]

Dear nailpolish addicts,

today I want to introduce yet another of our categories. One, I really appreciate and absolutely look forward to participate in. As you might know, all three of us Sisters are huge book and series junkies. I, for one, am also a huge, huge fan of scores and Original Soundtracks of many different things. So we thought about why not doing the same as many book, series and movie fans who are also nailpolish lovers? Why not creating some Themed Nails?

And voilรก – here we are!

I did the first design for this new adventure and I chose another birthday present from this year. In fact, I chose two! One polish and the other thing is the Extended Version of The Hobbit – Desolation of Smaug OST by Howard Shore (Thanks so much, Zuzanna!)



As you can see, the main colour is a dark and rich purple. Good thing my Sister Snowhoney gave me a quite similar polish for my birthday. To make it look a bit more like a design for this particular Soundtrack I added a bit of my Christmas Essence Golden Glitter. And here is the result 2014-03-06 15.50.232014-03-08 15.16.342014-03-06 15.50.52I’m sorry for the not 100% perfectly shown shade of purple, but for my first try I was impressed with how much it really did look like the Extended version… and I wore this design with a bit of pride! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you would like to recreate this, I used P2’s Diva Expressiva (which was already featured here) and you can basically use every gold glitter you can get your hands on! I’m quite sure it would work even better with nail art foil, but that’s something to try next time ๐Ÿ˜‰

As always, featured by my Manhattan Base and my Essence Top Coat, this is something I’ll surely wear more than once!


What about you? Did you ever attempt to do a small design based on a book/movie/series/band etc? Let me know!


Kiss, kiss,


Munderoon’s March 2014 Favourites

Dear nailys!

To round things up, here are my March 2014 favourites. And just as my sisters, the month was big concerning Holos and more Holos, so my decision is quite easy!

2014-03-15 23.33.24

Once again, you see the picture of Liquid Sky Laquer’s “Glistening Coral”. I can’t say anything but positive things about this beauty, because it’s so shiny and just absolutely great, I had to stare at it quite a while myself. Plus, since I’m still looking for Sailor Moon polish, this one opened a whole nother drawer of Holo polishes for me, which might be in the run for the job!

I’m quite positive that I’ll lay my hands on this pretty polish, since I like how it transforms my quite chubby fingers in something more petite. You see, I can only recommend this beauty and I hope some of you might get inspired to try this one out!

See you (in the next few weeks of) April!



Munderoon’s NotD: OPI Sea You in Hollywood

Good Saturday, nailpolish girls and boys!

Today I want to show you one of the many marvellous nailpolish colours I got for my birthday in February. And we’re starting off big with an OPI one, in detail: Sea you in Hollywood:

2014-03-09 10.47.10There you go! The picture above shows the OPI polish, applied 2x above my fantastic Manhattan Base Coat and finished with my Essence Top Coat, which has a blue, metallic colour.

I do like this polish, but for me it is almost a bit too decent, too dull. I’ve never been a huge fan of metallic shades and this one is – sorry, metallic! – no exeption, BUT (there always is a but with OPI polishes) this works perfectly with one or two of my rather formal party outfits, e.g. for family birthdays and stuff like that, so it will stay with me to round up my “Keeping a low (nail) profile with the family, BUT still being a little riot” (See? Always a BUT with OPI ๐Ÿ™‚ )

What are your experiences with blue-metallic colours so far? Do you have a positive BUT when it comes down to OPI?


Let me know and for those of you, who will have one hour less tomorrow – be safe!!



Munderoon’s February 2014 Favourites

Dear addicts!

After a stressfull month of exams, I’m here to present and to review my choice of February 2014. It is also a premier for me, concerning this brand of polish.

2014-02-16 12.48.07

This is Essie’s “Cocktail Bling” (featuring a highlight nail with golden glitter), a shade of grey (eheheh) which finally suits my ideal image of a nice greyish colour for my nails. I applied two layers of it and I’m absolutely satisfied with how it looks. I can’t wait to use it as a stamping base, because it is perfect for it! I think it is also a good recommendation for decent events and stuff like that.

2014-02-17 10.17.37

Essie’s Cocktail Bling in direct sunlight


What did you love in February? Are there any spring trends you can’t wait to get into your hands?


keep painting,


Munderoon’s January 2014 Favourites

Oh lala, it’s February already!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I sure hope you’ll still or again be up for the Superbowl tonight, which I’m going miss again, because of obvious reasons (aka work and university). But while you’re waiting for this years Bowl, I’m going to entertain you with my January 2014 favourite!


Essence’s 04 Icebreaker, artifical light

“Icebreaker” is part of Essence LE “Ice Ice Baby” and looks phenomenal! In dim light, it looks blue-purpleish, while it reveals a nice little purple-pinkish glamour in direct light. It also looks a bit similar to Catrice “Dirty Berry”, which I reviewed here. It is quite sheer and I’ll probably wear it more as an special topper instead of independent nailpolish, but it is still a very nice colour with very nice features! ๐Ÿ™‚

I applied two layers, but I’m sure three would make a slight improvement on the sheer part of life. I started off with my Manhatten Base Coat and the credits for the finish go to my Essence Top Coat!

If you’re interested in more of Essence’s “Ice Ice Baby” nailpolishes, you can click here to view Nell’s review on “Junior Championship”.

As for the rest, have a colourful February and let me know what you favourites were!!