[Nell] New Year, Fresh Start, Changed Preference in Polishes

Years change, seasons change, people change and after writing my thesis it took me a while to get my life back on track and get back to find pleasure in sitting down and writing again. But here we are. The ‘NailFile’ is back in business for my part.

Since we last read each other I completed my thesis, changed jobs and universities, survived christmas (don’t ask me how) and had my life uprooted again by a sudden death in the family. A lot of things changed fundamentally amongst them my perception of myself, I have moments when I actually feel like a grown up (shocker!) but let’s return to the central topic of this blog: Nailpolish!

I used to love my bright flashy polishes, the more brain scrambling and eye melting the better and don’t get me wrong I still love my duochromes and holo polishes but on a day to day basis I find myself reaching for the ‘un-colors’: nudes, blackened and greyed muted creme finishes.

Photo 27-01-2015 16 25 44

One of my current favorites is Catrice Time for Lovender a beautiful greyed mauve purple. I’m not sure how it compares to Chanel Tenderly but it seems to be in the same vein. It was basically opaque in one coat with a little care but I never feel right doing just one coat so I did two just to be sure. The brush was great on this one but it doesn’t seem to have been the new one yet. I finished it off with a thick coat of the Lacura Gloss Topper and that was that. I really like how it turned out.

Photo 26-01-2015 22 31 31

What hasn’t changed though, is my preference for wide brushes, gel top coats and polishes that are opaque in two coats. From the picture you can see that I reach for my higher end polishes more. Quite possibly because I have more colors that appeal to me right now from them but there is also the factor of feeling rather put together and even a little bit luxurious wearing the more expensive polishes, even though I know how silly that is. Most people won’t even register the fact that I am wearing nail polish at all, I guess.

This doesn’t mean that I am only going to wear and purchase upscale polishes from here on out but I definitely have developed a weakness for essie especially (if you follow me on instagram you will have seen my essie challenge month in December, where I wore only essie up till christmas, I might do a review post for the blog on that).

As things stand right now, I’m trying to get my life back on track and that includes blogging regularly, as you can tell from this post I am a bit rusty but it’ll get better.


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