Snowhoney’s NotD: Renaissance Cosmetics “Taffeta Gown”

Hello everyone!

It’s been really quite on this blog recently and that is not because we have stopped doing anything, but because we have a bit of a busy time. All of us. I hope you haven’t forgotten us 😉

Today I have something pinky for you… I know, breast cancer awareness month was in October, but seriously, this one would have been perfect for it. If I ever participated in that… oh well.


Taffeta Gown is a lovely pink shimmer polish that Renaissance Cosmetics describes as follows Sweet and shimmery like your favourite summer gown…don’t forget to twirl! Taffeta Gown is a rose-coral with gold shimmer and subtle linear holographic effect. Depending on the lighting you may see the gold shimmer, the holo effect, or both!

To be honest, the holographic effect is very subtle and barely visible to me (in artificial light or grey-ish outdoors), but the polish is very lovely because of it’s shimmer. And I am sure when the sun finally hits this polish, the holo effect will sparkle on to make up for the time it wasn’t visible.

One coat can be enough, but I painted two to make the finish more even. It dries in reasonable time and with a fast dry topcoat you will have no problems whatsoever.


Like me, do you love your pink polishes now and again?


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