[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Pahlish “Move Slow and Steady”

Hello nailjunkies!

Today I have one of my Pahlish polishes from you and it is a colour I do not wear that often, but when I saw this polish… I kinda fell in love and had to have it. See for yourself:



“Move Slow and Steady” is a beautiful Soft purple toned greige cream with heavy copper and red microflakes – at least that is Pahlish’s description of this polish. I am a big copper fan, so these microflakes caught my eye and I was right, it is lovely.

Two to three coats to make this opaque, but these coats glide on very easily. I have nothing to say about the drying time as I put on some fast dry topcoat and have no idea how long it took. But I guess it should be in an okay-ish time. Beautiful colour though isn’t it?



You can still get your hands on this on some etailers sites, but not on Pahlish’s website anymore.
Do you want it? Do you like purple colours?


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