Nell’s NotD: Cupcake Addicted

Photo 18-10-2014 13 19 11

No fancy titles for this one, mainly because I really like the name. I hauled Cupcake Addicted in my last haul from about 3 days ago and couldn’t wait to paint it right away.
Cupcake Addicted is a semi sheer white base with golden shimmer and light pink hexagonal glitter in different sizes. The semi sheer base allows the glitter to peek through but is fairly opaque after three coats. On my ringfinger I used a white cream polish as a base to see if it made a difference at all. In the picture you can see that it made the base a little more solid but that is about it. I am wearing 3 coats over p2 base and care except for the ringfinger where I am wearing two coats over base and care and one coat of a RdL young gel like white cream. Top coat was the Lacura gloss coat.

So far the polish wears really well. No peeling or chipping despite of the glitter pieces. And despite it being basically a white polish, I really like it. The golden shimmer is a little muted on the nail but it is visible subtly in the sun. Below I added some pictures that show you the polish in the bottle and in indirect daylight.

As far as I can tell this has been a favorite and it has been sold quickly and rightly so, I think it’s gorgeous and fab quality for a drugstore polish.

Photo 19-10-2014 13 50 21

Photo 19-10-2014 13 50 46


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