[Nell’s New In] Manhattan Birthday Colors

Remember how I wanted to buy more selectively? Well, I did!  And Manhattan made it easy by releasing a huge collection of absolute gems in nailpolish form in honor of their 50th birthday. I only chose three but I could easily have selected more. The main part of the collection consists of beautiful glitter polishes, that is to say glitter dispersed in solidly colored bases. My favorites! This is a haul so I will just show you the colors, no swatches yet, but expect these to pop up soon.

Dance Fever

Dance Fever

**Sidenote: just click on the pictures to enlarge them, it will help you see the colors better**

The first polish I picked is Dance Fever, a deep purple base jampacked with fine red-pink, blue and purple glitter. It reminds me a lot of a shredded down finer version of OPI Polka.com.

Amazing Anniversary

Amazing Anniversary

Next is Amazing Anniversary, a deep blue green with fine multi-colored flakeys and tiny black hexes. It seems to be rather liquid in the bottle, we’ll see what that means for the pigmentation.

Cupcake Addicted

Cupcake Addicted

And last but not least my special treasure Cupcake Addicted. It is a white base with iridescen shimmer flakeys and light pink hexes in different sizes . This one made me positively go weak in the knees. What a beaut! I can’t wait to wear this next.

Did you buy any of the Birthday Colors? Did you like them?


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