Nell’s NotD: Accidental Gradient and Probation Polishes [Kaufstop]

Last week I sorted through my nailpolish collection again with the resolve to reduce my collection at least a little bit and I succeeded to a degree. I got rid of 30-odd, maybe 40 polishes. Some of them dupes of other colors, some of them bad quality some of them colors that I don’t think I will wear in the next year or so.

With this run-through of my collection I tried to make myself aware of what I have because I was starting to lose sight of all the colors and different finishes I have, some of them are real treasures, too.
I made a commitment though to only very carefully select the polishes I buy in the future. They have to be treasures like essie’s Sable Collar or ILNP Abundance. Polishes that are unique and stand out.

Either way when I culled all these polishes from my collection there where a few that I put on probation so to say, because I wanted to test them out before I dump them. Two of them where on probation because I remembered them being gloopy, but I bought them such a long time ago that I wanted to see if that was actually true or if it was my inability to apply polishes back then. And two were on there because I thought they were too close in color to keep them both.

When I had them lined up on my desk though I realized that i had inadvertendly pulled up another gradient, from dark grey to blackened blue this time. Here are the pictures:

Photo 05-10-2014 12 52 32


Photo 05-10-2014 22 46 46

From index to pinky you can see

Astor-VIP grey (dark grey with multicolored micro shimmer, two coats, micro shimmer disappears on the nail)
Catrice- Le Grand Bleu C04 Entering Atlantis (deep blue, satin/metallic finish, pink glitter that disappears on the nail)
Catrice- Hip Trio C01 Blue Highway (deep navy, mostly dusty with a hint of glow from within shimmer)
Catrice- Out of Space C04 Moonlight Express (blackened blue green with silver/pink shimmer)

Unsurprisingly I decided to keep all of them. The grey is such a nice basic color and it actually applies really nicely and the blues are so different in shade and finish but such good quality that they get their stay extended. I can’t wait to wear them more as I gravitate more than usual to my darks. Especially Blue Highway is killing me.

The odd one out: The pale yellow I am wearing on my thumbs.
Photo 05-10-2014 12 52 39I am still not sure if I like it. It is essence crystalliced in 05 frosted champaign. It was slightly streaky and needed three coats to be opaque but it was still okay. With its pale yellow shimmer particles it might work as an untraditional nude for me as I don’t normally get on with the traditional nudes.

I wore those over p2 base+care base coat (which I randomly found during the reorganization, but I remember now why I forgot all about it: crumbs! -.-). The topper was ORLY Glosser again and it made me NOT happy. Even though I went to sleep two or three hours after I painted my nails I still had pillow on my nails in the morning. One of my biggest pet peeves, ugh! I need to try the yellow under one of my squishy toppers again. If I still don’t like it, it goes.


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