Snowhoney’s NotD: Colors by Llarowe “Beautiful Disaster”

Hello nail junkies!

I have another beauty to show you today that had me wow’ed. Seriously, the moment I first saw that polish I was going nuts and had to have it. And luckily I got it.




Colors by Llarowe makes amazing polishes, you already know that. But this one? A true stunner. “Beautiful Disaster” is a clear base with assorted micro and holographic micro glitters. It sparkles like no other, I can tell you!

It dries to a matte finish with very slight texture (barely noticeable!). Use a good quality fast drying top coat to add shine and smooth finish. Yeah well, I did that and it was like a disco ball all of a sudden. Beautiful.


The only thing that worried me a little, was that the formula was rather thick, a bit gloopy even, but it still applied evenly. Next time I might use two or three drops of nail polish thinner and everything will be alright.

Do you have your own Beautiful Disaster?! 😉


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