Nell’s NotD: To Foreign Galaxies and Beyond

Photo 25-09-2014 17 09 43A while ago essence posted a picture of their effect nail polish in 21 icy fairy over black is back from their color&go line on their instagram (@essence_cosmetics), dubbed it ‘galaxy nails’ and I was sold. Next to mermaid polishes anything that resembles a starry night is high high high up my list.

This mani takes all its oomph from the topper. Icy fairy consists of a clear base with extremely fine blue to pink duochrome shimmer, silver hexes in various sizes and holo hexes. All the beauty comes out to play over a dark color like black, the shimmer actually turns the black into a deep blue with flashes of purple and pink. All the different glitter sizes, along with the duochrome shimmer creates that galaxy-like effect. Granted it ain’t got nothing on those artfully painted galaxy nails that you can find on some nail blogs (and which tend to take my breath away. Man, I wish I had the patience to at least attempt it.) but it is an alternative for me, the nail artistery-challenged.

The topper in itself behaved quite well. I didn’t have to go fishing for the bigger hexes and it applied evenly and dried smoothly. I would still dap the polish on a little bit to place the bigger hexes where I want them, but that was no hassle at all.

I am wearing the base color back in black (2 coats) over the essence hardening nail base (d/c), one coat of icy fairy over the black and the Lacura Super Gloss Coat to protect and give extra shine. As opposed to other glitter toppers the hexes lie flat against the nails so I am not worried about premature peeling. Removal is going to be horrid as per usual, but I can’t stop staring at my nails, so it’s going to be worth it.

Photo 25-09-2014 17 11 19


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