[Nell] essence, We Need To Talk!

So, we all know how much I love essence polishes, especially the color&go line. Beautiful colors, beautiful formulas, great brushes, great price, you know, lovely!

Here is the problem though: As aesthetically pleasing as the design of the bottle is, as awful it is to get polish out once the bottle is half empty. You know bottle-height-wise half empty not content-wise. As the bottle widens towards the bottom, that is where the majority of the polish sits and as the stem of the brush is rather short there is no way to get anywhere near the bottom and therefore there is no way to dig out the remaining polish once the bottle is half-empty.

I had this issue last night when I tried to get an even black coat under my new essence effect polish. My bottle of Black is Back is half empty as black is one of my most used colors. I just love black and the essence color&go version is just fantastic quality.

Photo 25-09-2014 18 29 58

see the line? that’s how ’empty’ the bottle is

The fun began when I realized that not only was the bottle half empty but it was also a hassle to get more than the tip of the brush covered in polish. By the time I had pulled the brush out the thin layer of polish that covered the rest of the brush had started drying which resulted in streaky, patchy, bubbly polish on my nails. I painstakingly scooped out a second coat of black but the result was bad. Bubbles, unevenness and stained cuticles from a half-dry dragging brush. Long story short: The design of the bottle with the narrow neck (which makes scooping rather difficult), the rather short stem of the brush and the wide bottom is just not ideal and results in the loss of almost 50% of product for the costumer.  Wouldn’t it be possible to make the stem a few milimeters longer so that it is easier to reach the bottom?

I love love love the product and despite everything I am thinking about repurchasing Black is Back because of it’s great quality. If it were a more expensive polish I would be flat out upset and not mildly annoyed (yep, that rant above is me mildly annoyed).

What are you guys’ experiences? Is there a trick that I don’t know about? Have you ever been in the position having to scoop out essence polishes?


2 thoughts on “[Nell] essence, We Need To Talk!

  1. :/ I have the same problem with the essence better than gel nails Top Sealer. First, I don’t have any idea what’s left inside the bottle (please make it transparent!!!) and second, I don’t get anything out, once the bottle is half full (or half empty 😀 ). Seems to be a problem with their brush…

    • i would love if it came in a clear bottle,too! and i got the same problem, that at some point i’m not getting anything out anymore and it becomes a gloopy bubbly mess, but it is so good that i overlook it…

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