Nell’s NotD: Beauti-FALL Red? Beautiful Red!

Photo 20-09-2014 13 07 58

essence came out with a new fall limited edition and they basically nailed it. I picked up a (color adapting!!!) blush, the matte lip cream and two polishes, one of which I hate and I am not sure if I’m gonna feature it here, and one that I absolutely love. Which is the one you see above. *__*

I should probably mention that all of the polishes in the collection are thermals. The collection featured a brown, nude, pale green and red.
The red is one of the prettiest and most unique reds I have seen in a while. Very much befitting the fall theme, it is a nice warm deep tomato-red with quite a bit of brown and orange. The texture is a bit jelly- like and needs three coats to be fully opaque. The color lasted really well for several days with only minor tip wear. At the moment it is still too warm to see much of the thermal effect so I manipulated it for you guys with cold water.

Photo 21-09-2014 22 56 47As you can see, the color gets mostly darker when it’s cold (my thumb is still warm). I love love love this red. I think it is subtle or at least clean enough that you could wear it in a conservative environment  but  you have a bit of a twist with the thermal effect.

I wore this over OPI Nail Envy and under the Lacura Gloss Topcoat. I’m starting to really like the Lacura topper. If it were only a little more fast drying it would even kick the essence BTGN top sealer out of the water, it is so glossy. And the gloss really lasts while the top sealer dulls a little over time. But for now reduced drying time beats glossiness for me. The top coat did not take anything away from the thermal effect.

They are still rolling out the limited edition in my area so you probably still have the chance to grab the polish. If you like the color and the thermal effect I think you can safely go for this, I really liked the quality of this one.


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