Snowhoney’s NotD: Pahlish “Stars at Rest”

Hello lovely ladies!

Today I have one of the most beautiful blue polishes I have seen in… forever. Okay, not entirely true, but seriously, the polish I’m about to show you is one hell of a sweet polish. And it’s blue. The base colour is blue, anyways.


“Stars at Rest” is a soft blue creme with flakes of turquoise blue shimmer, scattered turquoise blue metallic glitter, and matte watermelon hex and yeah believe me you see all of those flakes, the glitter and the hexes. Beautiful is beautiful and I freakin’ adore this polish!

Application was easy, though I found the base to be a bit sheer. It required three thin layers to make the base sufficiently opaque to my liking. But the layers dried very quickly, therefore the layering wasn’t much of a problem. The watermelon hexes needed a bit of… no, not fishing, but I found it was quite useful to shake the polish up before every two nails to get enough of them out.


But look at that polish closely… it is a real beauty, isn’t it? Stars at Rest is still available on Pahlish’s store – click here. Together with a few other beauties you will appreciate if you look them up 😉

Do you dream of the stars with this polish?



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