Nell’s NotD: Free Hugs

Photo 01-09-2014 10 50 17

Right now I am going through a phase where I could change my polish every single day. I refrain from that because it would really dry out my already dry cuticles, but I am down to repainting my nails every other day and for some reason at them moment I am really good at keeping track and typing  out NotDs so there you go.

My polish of choice this time was essence’s Free Hugs. This one was evicted from the range in the recent winter update of the standard range. It is a cooler pink with an almost purple tinge to it. It goes nicely with my skin tone and it is a nice transition shade as I am trying to get more into the lighter lavenders and purples (think essie Sittin’ Pretty and Splash of Grenadine). This one still had the nice and glossy essence creme formula even though it was a bit on the sheerer, slightly streaky side. However, it was perfectly even in three coats. I wore this over OPI Nail Envy and under essence BTGN top sealer.



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