Nell’s NotD: Orly High on Hope

Photo 29-08-2014 16 22 38

We could all use a little hope every now and again, couldn’t we? I sure could right now. This was one of the thoughts that guided my hand when I picked up this polish from TK Maxx. I am new to Orly but I really like their instagram feed (well done PR people, well done), so I pounced when I saw two lonely Orly shades left at my local TK Maxx. One of those was High on Hope. It is a slightly green, deep blue jelly with fine multichrome flakeys in it. The flakeys range from pink to gold and green in color. Sadly this is not that strongly visible. The polish applied well but needed three coats on me (jelly!). The flakey are nice and visible on the nail. It dried really glossy but I topped it off with the essence btgn top sealer anyway to protect it. I understand this is a color from last spring and it is not on the website any more but should you somehow stumble upon it and like the color I can recommend it, it is a pretty unique shade.


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