Nell’s NotD: Stardust on a Moonless Night

Photo 25-08-2014 17 59 53

Above you can see the result of my getting sick and tired of all my glittery glossy manis. Oh yeah, baby. Gritty and matte. As a base color I used essence’s Moonless Night from the Dark Romance collection and wore Catrice’s Crushed Crystals in Stardust on the accent nail. I wore those over OPI Nail Envy and skipped the top coat. Moonless Night is one of essence’s suede finishes and it stayed pretty matte and didn’t develop a sheen despite chores and work. Both polishes lasted really well for several days. If you love gritty glittery polishes you should give Catrice’s CCs a whirl they are great, you can build them up to opacity or use them as a structured topper.

When I wore this mani I also stumbled upon the essence Sparkle Sand topper and of course I had to try it, so I applied it over Moonless Night. The Sparkle Sand topper is a clear polish with clear shimmer and bigger clear glitter. It dries quickly and ends up being glossy but gritty at the same time. The clear shimmer/glitter makes sure that the topper workes with every shade and finish without taking too much away. All it really does is adding some shimmer and structure. You can see results below.

Photo 29-08-2014 01 58 14

left Moonless Night+Sparkle Sand, right: Moonless Night on its lonesome

I would definitely recommend the topper for people who like their sandstyles and textures, it does a pretty good job at transforming the base polish.


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