Nell’s August 2014 Favorites

Where has this year gone? I feel like I’m barely able to keep up *wipes forehead. I’m still jumping back and forth between the thesis, work and trying desperately to keep myself sane and I got a hunch I’m not doing such a great job with it. Either way here are my August favorites. I’m sorry that I don’t have a fancy collage for you this time. I kept on missing to take pictures and to be fair I wore some shades that I have worn on the blog before.

My two favorites this month are of course (-.-) two of those that I didn’t photograph. The first one is my first modelsOWN polish, one of those lucky finds at TK Maxx. It is the color Thunder and Lightning, which is basically a black jelly base with a myriad of fiery holographic glitters dispersed in it. It applies beautifully but true to its jelly nature it takes 3 coats to be opaque. I wore this on my birthday. It is just the best party-shade isn’t it? Ten to one I’m gonna wear this on New Year’s too.

The other one is from Catrice’s Metallure collection, the shade C03 Metallight. It is a coppery muted rose gold color. This was opaque in 2 coats if a bit streaky. My Lacura topcoat evened it out really nicely though. I am a bit weary with rose golds and my skin tone because they sometimes just blend right in, but this one worked for me.

What were your favorites this month?Photo 30-08-2014 23 32 28


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