[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: FingerLickin’ Lacquer “Hunter’s Helper”

Hello nail junkies!

Here it is, my last of August’s Untrieds. This is another one of FingerLickin’ Lacquer’s beautiful Supernatural inspired holos. And man, I love those scented polishes, even though I’m rather grateful this one wasn’t as scented as the last one I tried (Cherry Pie).


Hunter’s Helper is a very pretty shade that you can easily wear to the office any day. It’s a little special but still nothing that anyone would think as being inapropriate to wear. As long as they don’t smell your nails! Finger Lickin’ Lacquer describe sthis polish as

Hunter’s Helper is a creamy holographic polish inspired by the whiskey Bobby Singer loved to drink. It has a sweet whiskey smell and a nice color – much nicer than the rotgut booze hunters love to drink.

And oh yeah it has a very slight smell that I was able to catch, but it isn’t a punch. Which is good, because you wouldn’t wanna smell like booze, would ya?! šŸ˜€ I love the very subtle colour, the slight scent and the nice holo finish that it shows off once you step into the sunlight.

Are you convinced of buying some of Finger Lickin’ Lacquers now too?


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