[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: ILNP “Rehab”

Hello and welcome to another one!

Today I have a summer colour? That does not work out with the weather we’ve had when I wore it, but yeah. I know it’s still August and all, but we’ve had a couple rather frosty days (which I do not approve of!) and this is meant to be a great summer colour and I will wear it whenever I want to!



ILNP’s “Rehab” is an amazing holo that best is described by ILNP themselves:

Rehab is a gorgeous aqua-green holo and a perfect match for those long and relaxing summer days.

Oh yeah you bet it is! A true stunner that will make you goggle at your nails all day! One coat almost did the job, but I like to put down two coats just to make sure. This was a very nice formula that made painting your nails very easy. Everyone can work with ILNP polishes like that.


Do you like Rehab and does it actually make you think of Rehab?


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