Nell’s NotD: Astor Neo Tribal 281 Teke Sunset

Photo 19-08-2014 15 10 15

Astor is one of the more overlooked drugstore brands I find, as they deliver great quality for a small price. They always have solid creams and every now and again they have little gems like the duochromes they launched last year.

The polish I picked up from them recently is from the Neo Tribal collection and it is a rather vivid, slightly corally, almost neon pink (sheesh, i’m good with my vague adjectives, no?) As pretty as it is, this one needed a little work:

You can see 3 coats in the pic above as this polish behaved really really weird. When I initially applied it it was light and opaque, as the coat dried down it became darker and sheer. WTF?! Only on the third coat it became opaque when dry. The other weird thing was that the polish either set so quickly or was so thick (it didn’t feel thick on application) that I could see brush strokes. In a cream. I don’t know what the hell that was. The Lacura top coat (one of the ones I’m playing with at the moment) evened it out nicely though, base coat was OPI Nail Envy. The polish has been wearing really well for 5 or 6 days now. Only today (friday) I saw a hint of tip wear and some cracking (no peeling or chipping just those weird lines across the nail).

I really enjoyed wearing this color, but I can’t wait to wear something else now. It is the week end after all.


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