Nell’s Mermaid Polishes Part 2: Catrice Le Grand Bleu C03 Bella Aquarella

Photo 14-08-2014 10 55 47

Finally I get around to show you another one of my mermaid-y polishes. Above you can see Bella Aquarella from the Catrice Le Grand Bleu collection. It is a pool blue jelly base with solid blue glitters dispersed in it (as opposed to colorshifting glitters as in Catrice Never Green Before). Above you can see 4 (!) coats and you can still see nail line if you look closely. It is really very sheer, but at least it applied well. I love the way it looks, though. The glitters remind me of little water bubbles rising to the surface. I can’t tell you what I wore underneath and over top, because I painted this a while ago and I am playing a lot with my topcoats and bases at the moment. Once I have a formed an opinion I will update you on that. I remember however that it removed really well and stress-free for a glitter polish.


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