[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Colors by Llarowe “Nice Melons”

Hello polish junkies!

Anyone else thinking about that line from Dirty Dancing when hearing that polish name or is that just me? 😀 “I carried a melon” oh gosh, Baby, seriously? ^^

Well, wherever LeAnn got that name from, I don’t really care, the polish is just beautiful!


A real stunner like most Colors by Llarowe lacquers I’ve tried so far. Two easy to spead coats are already making a pretty opaque look, but as always with longer nails than mine you might need a third.

The holo effect is looking amazing on this tangerine/neon peach colour. For me this is a perfect and fresh looking summer polish. I freaking loved it on my nails and am thinking about wearing it again soon, that’s how awesome it is!


How do you like it? Too flashy or right up your alley?!


One thought on “[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Colors by Llarowe “Nice Melons”

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