Nell’s New In: essence Aquatix Haul and Swatches (also Mermaid Polishes)

Photo 06-08-2014 17 55 11

Today I realized that I have a major problem when it comes to blue green sparkley mermaid-y polishes: I can’t for the life of me resist them. 

My love affair with the ocean has been long, deep and true. The longest relationship of my life. My parents took me to the Danish shores when I was about one or two years old. This vacation was the starting point for many things in my life. The ocean made such an impression on me that I flat out rebelled when my parents took me to the Alps the year after (ungrateful broad that I was). Let’s just say I never warmed up to the mountains and kept dreaming of the sea instead.

I blame this love of the ocean for my ever- growing collection of mermaid polishes as I like to call them (and yes, I am thinking very loudly about taking inventory of said polishes and post them here, I haven’t done an Archives post in almost a year. Shame on me.)

Enough with the waffeling let’s get to the main men of this post. I was really good at resisting most of the polishes from the Aquatix LE except for these two: 03 Aquatix Bay (The Caribbean Sand) and 06 Under Water Love (The Ocean Sand).

Despite the title Aquatix Bay is NOT a sand polish, it dries completely smooth. Color-wise it reminds me of Catrice’s Never Green Before from the Haute Future collection: it is a turquoise-y blue glass fleck that flashes golden/pale mint green. In the essence version the flecks are bigger though and it contains blue glitters that create solid specks in some lighting, as you can see below. The polish applied well but sheer. I painted three coats and it still had some translucency.

Under Water Love is a gem! It is a deep navy blue with turquoise to mint and gold glitter and it dries glossy but textured. This one is a true one coater, I didn’t feel the need what so ever to paint a second coat, which is rare. The glossy finish gives it a surprising depth. The sparkles just flash out of the dark. What a beaut!

I painted the polishes over a coat of OPI Nail Envy and one coat of p2 Ridgefiller, my nails need a bit of protection at the moment and sealed them with Orly Glosser. This is my first brush with Orly and so far I am happy. The topper dried quickly and added some intensity and shine to the polishes but it will not completely even out the texture. We’ll see how it works over holos etc. before I can make up my mind whether I like it or not.

In the pics below you can see Under Water Love and Aquatix Bay as an accent nail. I will add a picture in the daylight come morning.

Photo 06-08-2014 22 42 00


Photo 06-08-2014 23 12 56

artificial light

(yes, these are pre-clean up. Will take care of that in the morning)


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