Nell’s July 14 Favorites

Photo 05-08-2014 14 43 01

Sorry guys, favos are a little late this month. I am ridiculously busy with staying on top of grown up stuff. And as per usual everything is coming all at once. Oh well, not really an excuse, right?

Above you can see all the manis I wore this month and I had a hard time picking a fave this time. I really really enjoyed wearing the essie ombre in green, that dark blue Catrice polish was fantastic and I really have to stop raving about essie Absolutely Shore.

My favorite though, considering all of the memories that come with it now, is the Germany mani I wore ever since the quarter final of the world cup.

Photo 02-07-2014 21 35 59

The mani has essence’s redvolution and black is back, which are available in the standard range. The yellow is from a limited edition from about 4 to 6 years ago (if not older, I had that thing for ages), pinky and thumb are one of the Catrice holos from the Luxury Lacquer limited edition earlier this year.

What was your favorite polish this month?


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