[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Gemini Rising

Hello peeps!

Today I’ll show you the last of my “untrieds” of this month. Wow, really on the last minutes of July! ^^ But it couldn’t be more of a stunner, believe me!


I did pomise a stunner, right? “Gemini Rising” from Colors by Llarowe is exactly that: a stunner par excellence. And this name couldn’t be more of a match for me 😀 I am in fact a gemini and I really love green polishes (because green is my favourite colour!). LeAnn nailed it.

This polish is an amazing green holo and I say holo as in… holy m***erf***ers is this holo! The formula is spot on, too. Application is super easy as the polish is neither too thin nor too thick. Ad one more amazing fact about this polish? It is a one-coater! Oh yeah, you bet it is. And I wear no topcoat in these pictures!


Sorry for all the exclamation marks but yeah, I am completely blown off my socks from this polish. And I will wear this to the office tomorrow!
Why? Because sometimes you just need to shine 😉

Do you like the gemini?


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