[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Kitsune (Another fangirl craze)

Welcome to another of my untrieds 😉

Today I have one of the two Rainbow Honey polishes that I own for you. They were on sale recently on Hypnotic Polish and I couldn’t resist them because of their names: Oni and Kitsune. You will probably only understand taht if you know Teen Wolf and my addiction to it, but anyways… the polishes were pretty and so I ordered them.

Today I want to show you the beauty that is Kitsune:


What a beauty, huh? I am in love with this gold-beige beauty with its red, brown and golden glitter particles. It is subtle enough to be worn at the office (you know that I do not want to wear too much too bright colours there), but still special enough to make you feel awesome. And yeah, I guarantee you won’t stop looking at it!


Kitsune was easy enough to paint though it leans on the thick side. It can be a bit of a pain to always clean the brush (the polish sticks a lot to the handle), but it is worth it. Two coats should be enough to make it opaque on anyone’s nails and it dries rather quickly to a slightly textured and semi-matte finish.

I am not a big fan of textured polishes so I added two thin coats of topcoat to make it look shiny and smooth. This is love I tell ya! It shimmers (the base), it glitters (the glitter particles), it’s awesome.

Do you like the fox?


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