Nell’s NotD: essie Ombré

Photo 25-07-2014 09 53 09I have always been mildly impressed with people that lined up an array of colors from light to dark and created a nice gradient on their nails. Granted it is not the hardest thing in the world ever to do that but frankly so far I really couldn’t be arsed to go through the hassle of picking out matching colors. I am a perfectionist. It would never be perfect. And if I know I can’t achieve perfection, why even start. (In other aspects of my life I still go for it but with my nails? Naaah.) And then this sort of gradient sort of dropped into my lap. It all started when I got into chatting with asereht_beauty of instagram fame about my essie collection (snaps on my instagram @NellVMars ) and as I lined them up to fotograph them, I realized that my greens fit really rather well together. I am always a little surprised at how many different greens I have, for the fact that I feel like I don’t wear all that much green at all. Either way here they are and essie has produced some of my all time favorite mints/greens.

It starts with Absolutely Shore (3 coats) on my thumb, followed by Mint Candy Apple (2) and First Timer (2) respectively. On my ringfinger I am wearing Shake your $$ Makers (briefly contemplated inserting a pic of my boobs here, I really need some sleep) over two coats of Absolutely Shore and Sew Psyched (2) on my pinky. Absolutely Shore is a bit of a bitch to apply and I have mentioned before how I tiresome I find Shake your $$ Makers because it is so sheer and I can’t get it opaque on it’s own AND I don’t particularly like the whole sheer polish over light base look. It IS a real nice green though. The other three apply really nicely. MCA and First Timer where pretty much opaque in one go and perfect at two, Sew Psyched needed two.

Not my most daunting NotD ever but I really enjoyed wearing it. Base was OPI Nail Envy and p2 Ridgefiller (got some issues with my nails at the mo) essence btgn top sealer went on top. It gave First Timer a yellow cast AGAIN. I picked up the Lacura top coat over the week end, I hope this one will prevent the yellow tinge in the future.

Photo 26-07-2014 16 29 56


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