[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: I’m addicted

Welcome to my second Untrieds post for this month!

I gotta tell you, this whole untrieds thing is really good for me. Or rather for my stash of untrieds. The stash is slowly getting smaller – yay! This is not only due to this “series” but also to my personal blog on which I do post nailpolish related too (but in German!)…

Enough smalltalk, let’s get on to the Untried(s) of the Day ^^:


essie’s I’m addicted is described as follows: Bright. Hot. Dangerous. Nothing is off limits for this decorum-defying neon aquamarine blue.
Well, that is the description of the US colour anyways… it’s been clear in the past that the colours are quite similar but don’t really look exactly the same as in the States when they’re bought here in Europe. Same goes here I guess… because my “I’m addicted” looks a lot more blue than in any of the US pictures I found.



Opaque in two coats, this formula was a little thin but easy to apply. The first coat made it appear so sheer that I didn’t believe it to be a two coater, but luckily it was. It dried rather glossy so you wouldn’t have to wear a glossy topcoat on top but you can – as did I – chose to.

Perfectly bright summer colour, right? Do you like bright colours like this one?


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