Nell’s July 2014 Nailhaul

I know the month is only halfways over but with the Kaufstop I put on myself, I should be done for this month. Except there are two more on the way and I already broke the Kaufstop twice -.- I will do better from now on though and feel free to shame me if I fall back into old patterns.

Speaking of which I seem to have had a specific purchase pattern this month: Blues and greens (with a bit of pink on the side). Let’s begin with the blues then:

Photo 18-07-2014 20 23 08



I picked up Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer 07 Taffy Tart from TK Maxx for 3.99€. What drew me in was the deep blue with the multi colored glitter and the fact that it is a textured polish. This is my first Sally Hansen polish, we’ll see if it is any good. So far the Sally Hansen displays never really drew me in and let’s face it I really can’t afford to pay the regular 8€ for polish that I don’t find spectacular.

Next up are the two Catrice polishes with the silver cap on the far left and right. These were reduced to 1.75€ I had a shit day and that is about the best excuse I can come up with. The turquoise one goes by the name Bella Acquarella, in the dispersed in the shimmery base are turquoise glitters. It reminded me a bit of my beloved Captain America-blue another reason that made me buy it. 
The dark blue one is called Entering Atlantis and I am wearing it today. I picked it up because it has a fine pink glitter in the blackened blue shimmery base. It has a beautyful satin-like finish and there are no brush strokes visible but there is also no pink glitter visible. Sad. This goes in my blackened anything collection that I will dig out as soon as I am done with summer and want my fall and winter back (so in about 3 days). Below you can see a swatch of Entering Atlantis.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 24 17Last but not least Catrice’s Purple Reign. This one is being bumped from the range to make room for the new winter shades. I am currently having a bit of a purple moment, especially when it comes to my nails. This one caught my eye because it has blue, pink, silver and purple shimmers in the creamy purple base. It reminds me a bit of Petrolpolitan that way, it seems to be the same basic idea.

Moving on to greens.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 23 46(Ignore the thermal in the corner, we’ll get to that later). Firstly I baught Manhattan Palm Leaf when it had 20% off. It is a blue-green with gold shimmer and I think one of the first nailpolishes I ever owned over 10 years ago was also by Manhattan and had a similar color (green and gold combos seem to get me every single time).

Next up are my two new essies. The darker one is essie’s Firsttimer from last year’s resort collection. I’ve been pining for this polish like nobody’s business and initially the collection was not supposed to be released in Germany but god bless TK Maxx’s little heart, Firsttimmer turned up on their shelves along with my first Real Techniques brush set (travel essentials^^) Firsttimer is a bright but sort of pastell green mint, it is opaque in 2-3 coats and the formula needs a little patience but the resulting color just steals my heart. I have no pictures of this polish because the essence btgn topsealer gives it a weird yellow tinge. I’ll have to try to wear it with another topper, but so far I only have the topsealer, bear with me.
The other essie is Absolutely Shore. And you have seen me rave about this before, it is so pretty and I am a little surprised that I am still as in love with it as I were when I first saw it about 3 years ago. Such a beaut!

The last one is not per se a green but like Absolutely Shore it is a bit of an off-white. Where Absolutely Shore has a green tinge, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls is a little bit grey. You have seen this one before as well in one of my Germany manis.

Last but not least let’s take a look at the pinks.

Photo 18-07-2014 20 26 20I fell for another thermal and another neon-y pink (in the pic it looks a bit more peachy-coral though). The pink is from the recently released Astor Neo Tribal collection. Me and neon pinks, I really don’t know what it is. I’ll try this one and then we’ll see how it goes. Generally I really like the Astor Fashion Studio polishes, they are really solid drugstore polishes, great quality for the price and a little overlooked.
I have rambled on about the thermal here.

Fingers crossed this will be my last haul for a while. Mind you this is a collective haul spread out over the end of June and July.





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