Nell’s NotD: essence Road Trip 04 My Sweet Escape Review and Swatches

20140716-224442-81882672.jpg After the tremendous success of the thermal polish in the Superheroes collection last fall, essence launched another one with the Road Trip collection. In the bottle and when cold it is a purpley mauvey pink, on the nails or when warm it transforms into a soft pastell creamsickle peach. The shift however, is not as strong as with the Superheroes thermal. The formula was nice, not too watery, not too gloopy but it took three coats to get everything even. I love thermals and this is no exception, but I guess aside from being not THAT strong in the first place this polish would be more impressive when it is actually cold outside. The polish lasted well and the essence BTGN topsealer did not inhibit the effect. Below you can see the polish ‘in cold’ against my warm thumb.

20140716-231426-83666416.jpg Would I recommend the polish? Yes, if you like thermals and the colors. The light peach is just up my street with my current infatuation with off-Whites and pale pastells. It is maybe not AS good as the last one but it is still good enough for a mainstream thermal in my book.


One thought on “Nell’s NotD: essence Road Trip 04 My Sweet Escape Review and Swatches

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