[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Cherry Pie

4 cups of cherries or more, maybe 5 just to be sure
1 cup of sugar or more if the berries are sour
Let your belly say when, when you put in
a good pinch cinnamon

Does anybody know this song? (And no, Nell, you don’t count 😉 ) When I first read the name of this polish the above mentioned song came to my mind. I then proceeded to read the description of the polish and started laughing. It is a Supernatural inspired nailpolish! My fangirl-heart stated to me all the reasons I need this polish (and more!).


Cherry Pie is a very cute scattered holo polish the color of sweet cherry pie (slightly washed out if you ask me, but I’m no expert on cherry pies). Just really cute and you wanna know the best part? It smells like Cherry Pie too!

Yep, you heard that right: this is a scented polish and I don’t own many of these. I would have taken the polish without it too, but thought it would be a nice gimmick that I’d like to try.

The holo effect is not very strong, just as you would expect it from a scattered holo, but it is visible both in the bottle and on the nail and I just loved this cute polish and the scent! Gotta love the slightly sweet scent that lingers around your fingertips when this polish is dry.
This made for a great but special polish to wear to the office.



You can order from Finger Lickin’ Lacquer over on her etsy shop. I wanted some of Jennifer’s polishes and asked her if she could ship internationally (up until then she apparently only shipped to the States, as you would expect from a pretty new polish maker) and she kindly enabled that so everyone can profit from her cool polishes. I was so so glad!

Do you have any scented nailpolish? Would you like to try out?


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