Nell’s NotD: Absolutely Shore

Photo 07-07-2014 23 45 54


Last week a long journey came to an end, actually two, but I will talk about that later. With the summer collection about 3 years ago, if I remember correctly, essie launched Absolutely Shore. This happened in those pre-relaunch days when essie was a lot but not widely available over here and the limited editions made it here very sparingly as well. Long story short: Absolutely Shore did NOT make it here. You know my preferences a little bit by now and most people will know my obsession with (mint)green polishes and now look at that baby! Pale mint at its best, it is so freaking beautiful.

So the color is an A+ but what about the formula? Welp, it’s old essie, so admittedly it is not that great. It is streaky and it requires 3 coats to get anywhere near even. It also still has the thin brush, which I am just not a big fan of, I prefer the wide rounded ones. 
I am still happy though, because the color makes me forget everything and with a little care and patience the formula is definitely wearable.

Would I recommend it? If you love the color, definitely yes! Other than that? No. The formula is pretty bad considering that I still payed about 10€ at BeautyBay for it. BeautyBay is amazing for finding rare essie polishes, though. They may not have Fiji but they have Spin the Bottle and other widely sold out essie’s; Collection wise they go back until about 2011, AND they have the Resort collections which used to be really hard to find in Germany.

I am currently sandwiching OPI Nail Envy and my p2 Ridgefiller as a base coat because my nails have been suffering quite a bit at work recently and it seems to work. Top coat is as per usual essence BTGN top sealer. 


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