Snowhoney’s NotD: Planet Gallifrey (a fangirl craze)

Hi peeps!

Today I have a special named polish for you that caught my attention on a recent sale… it has been one of the many polishes that I got in a sale over on Hypnotic Polish (a rather new but exciting to me site in the nail polish-verse!).


This is my first Polish Addict bottle (and it came in with a sibling on this order ^^) and it is a pretty one. Planet Gallifrey is a frosty mint green with gold shimmer. On the pictures over on the website it looks more blue toned than it does look on my nails, but I don’t mind that because I think it’s a pretty and really subtle colour that I can easily wear to work. And you know I love those polishes 😉


The polish is rather thin and looks very sheer on the first layer but builds up to opacity rather nicely in three thin coats. I don’t know if that’s just me, but it looks like there are a few silver glitter/shimmer particles in there as well. The minty green is toned down by some grey, that’s what I see. But let me tell you what boosts this polish even more? There are some holo particles in there! Tiny but oh so beautiful when the light catches them right.


sorry for the crab hands on this pic, just wanted to show you the holo particles!

I think it is beautiful and the name makes it even more so 😉 but that is definitely just the fangirl talking out of me.

Do you like this muted down minty green with it’s gold shimmer?


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