Nell’s June 2014 Favorites

Photo 02-07-2014 23 29 21

Good day guys, it is time for favorites again!
I am still mainly doing Germany manis, because believe it or not we are still in the tourney. After that excruciatingly horrible game on Monday, I hope that we end this gracefully on Friday. I digress.

My favorite polish this months is a bit of a surprise. I was shopping in TK Maxx when I stumbled across OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls. It was part of the Spiderman collection and there is no other way to describe this as an off white cream.

Photo 25-06-2014 15 41 00

The polish is not the best OPI ever made, in fact when I applied it over OPI Nail Envy it took 3 coats and damage control to get it right, it was super streaky but over p2 Ridgefiller it only needed two. Even though I got it down to a two coater the staying power is still not great for an OPI polish. It chipped quickly on me despite the essence BTGN top sealer. Why I still love it? The color is like no other. It is the perfect white for me, it goes well with my skin tone and doesn’t give me lobster hands. And of curse I had to turn this into a gameday mani (I will catch you up on those over the week end!)

Photo 26-06-2014 20 33 53


I tried a variation on our jersey here, heartfelt crappy, I know, but I actually liked it. I drew on the v with a Flormar nail art polish and the 5 (because Mats Hummels is the best) with a permanent marker with a fine tip. Word to the wise: Don’t try to seal the marker with top coat, it bled hideously.

What was your favorite polish this month?


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