[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Nine Names

Hello fellow polish junkies!

These days (or rather weeks) you are getting an overload of Snowhoney 😀 and I hope you are not yet sick of seeing my polish choices. I have set the goal of painting 3 of my Untrieds this month and have only shown you 1 so far… bad Honey!
So today I have the second one for you:



This is Nine Names from Pahlish’s collection “Wood between the Worlds” (still available!). This really pretty orange pastel polish caught my eye on the first swatch. I am normally not reaching much for orange shades, but this one looked so pretty.
Pahlish describes it as sherbert orange crème with a mix of red and soft gold flake shimmer and indeed it is a nice creme with red flake shimmer. I just don’t really see the gold, but I’m not very surprised. How are you supposed to see gold on a pastel orange base?

The polish is really pretty, opaque in two coats – though with longer nails you might wanna add a third coat – and even drytime is good. I have been in love with Pahlish polishes and this one is as perfect as most others. Really love this soft shade.


You can order Pahlish polishes on their shop here.

How do you like this softer shade for summer?



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