Snowhoney’s NotD: Allez les Bleus! (Worldcup Inspired)

Hello fellow nailjunkies!

I think these days it is hard to not notice that the worldcup is going on in Brazil and you might or might not know that Nell and me are soccer/football fans. She might be more into it than me at the moment, but whenever it is Worldcup or European Championship time… I go all kinds of crazy and enjoy my sports. So I thought I would do some soccer inspired nails. You know a worldcup is not happening every day and such… well, I think I just wanted an excuse to do some nail art-y stuff 😉

These are the used polishes for my first ever worldcup/soccer-inspired nails:




My first soccer love when it comes to national teams is of course Germany and I will do some Germany-nails too, but a close second is France. In case you are wondering why… my mom is French and so I am half french too and she would LOVE this. So whenever they battle each other on the soccer field… I don’t really know who I should cheer for and therefor usually don’t cheer at all xD but whoever wins, I will be happy!




For this easy mani I just painted my index, ring and little finger in plain colours: Bleu (Blue), Blanc (White), Rouge (Red). The colours of the French flag of course, but you all knew that. My thumb and middle finger, however, are special. They show the whole flag and believe me, no hassle with this design as it is so fast and easy!
First, you put your base down, a simple white polish and if you have one that needs just one or two coats: perfect. Then you take out your striping tape and put down two lines on each nail. JUst divide your nail into three equal parts. Then you paint the part on the left in blue and the part on the right in red. Let it dry for a few seconds and then take off your striping tape when the polish is still wet to avoid it to be sticking onto your nail. Let the colours dry a bit and then put a topcoat on top to seal your design and level the different layers of polish. Voilà, you’re done.

I said it was easy, didn’t I?! 🙂 In case you are wondering what polishes I used, it’s p2’s Match It Golden Goal Polish in “030 France” (a true one coater!),”essie’s “Blanc” (opaque in two wonderful coats, I’m so happy!), Douglas Absolute Nails in “Anna” (another gogeous one coater).




Only thing left to say for today? ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!! (France is playing Switzerland tonight and you know who I’ll be cheering for 😉 )Who are you cheering for?


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