[Untrieds] Snowhoney’s NotD: Hide & Go Chic

Hello everyone!
I told you recently that my untried polishes are getting out of hand… and they really are! I counted them this weekend and there are a whoppin’ 75 polishes sitting in that drawer! (And even more on its way oO) Oopsi! I buy way too much polish but can’t seem to stop myself. Is there a group or something I can join?!

Well, to at least get some of them out of the way (and no, I am well aware that I will probably not restrain myself from buying – ouch! But let’s face it, for a polishjunkie I really don’t have that much [yet]), I decided to approach the subject of “Untrieds” by making it a challenge: choosing 5 polishes every month and use them in my manicures.

I am a little late to this month (sorry but work is getting out of hand at the moment and I really hope this is not going to stay this way!) and will therefore only chose 3 to paint for June.


And I got the first one for you today! essie’s “Hide and go chic” was a Limited Edition polish and the one where the collection got it’s name from. It is a beautiful azure blue polish that I really had to buy.


Hide & go chic (essie 309)


It is a cream with an undeniably good formula, like many essie polishes. It can be opaque in one coat, but in my opinion looks better with two coats. It never hurts to be sure, right?
It dried pretty quickly and doesn’t really need a topcoat because it is rather shiny, but I like to prolong weartime (especially on dark polishes!) and added a topcoat. I am very happy about this buy.


For the tipwear you see… I’ve taken pictures on the 3rd day of wear and I think for a darker polish this is really minor tipwear and no chipping. I’m impressed because I do rather demand a lot from my nails/hands.

How do you like it? Did you fall for this polish too?


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