Nell Fell Under the Bus Again: Round Up #2

I disappeared off of the face of the blogging earth over the last couple of weeks and I am sorry about that. I am currently struggling to make all the things I have to do work out the way I need them to and blogging tends to pull the short straw. Sorry.

So to catch you up on what I wore and what I thought about what I wore I put together another round up blog post. There will be 8 short and sweet reviews, I hope you like it and now let’s all hope and pray that I stay under 1,000 words…

Photo 21-05-2014 23 46 08

Catrice’s Petrolpolitan is a muted green blue with many little multicolored flakeys that actually do show up on the nail (Catrice sometimes has a tendency to put glitter into a polish and it looks lovely in the bottle but disappears completely on the nail). This was one of those weird polishes where you apply one coat which is so sheer that you think you will never get it opaque but when you put on a second coat it magically evens out and is all of sudden completely opaque. I love those kinds of polishes 🙂 I really liked this one, the color reminded me of something sea weed-y, mermaid-y and I am largely sticking to that theme at the moment (want me to do a round up of my favorite mermaid polishes?)

Photo 17-05-2014 16 16 39 Photo 16-05-2014 13 36 41

Next was the lilac holo from the Luxury Lacquers collection also by Catrice called Plum Me Up Scotty. This is such a springy color to me and again the holo effect here is so nice. With this you can get away with one thick coat or two thinner ones, I applied two just to be sure. The sparkle is not muted by the topcoat and it lasted really well on my nails. I am so glad that I got my hands on all four of the collection, I never want to miss them again.

Photo 28-05-2014 12 25 08 Photo 30-05-2014 22 44 59

Above you can see my new favorite purple from the essence Viva Brasil collection. Just like my other essence creme finishes it applied really glossy and evenly, dried super quickly and needed two coats to be fully opaque. This is a reddish medium purple, not too light and not too dark. In most artificial lights it fotographs really red, the pic above was taken in natural daylight and is a lot more accurate to what it actually looks like on the nails. I am riding the purple wave a little bit at the moment, currently I’m looking for a lipstick in the same color (tips?).
In the pic below you can see that I painted an accent nail and here you can see one coat of Manhattan Violet Volcano from the Club Nights LE. It has purple, silver and blue glitter suspended in a deep purple jelly base. The polish is surpringly opaque, much like the p2 Lost in Glitter polishes only the glitter is finer here. I think this will look incredible on it’s own. I may try that out when I feel particularly daring (or masochistic, you know, removing glitter and such).

Photo 25-05-2014 19 45 17

And another one from the essence Viva Brasil collection. I saw this green and thought I didn’t need it. And then I couldn’t get it out of my head. And it took me a while to find it again, because apperantly I wasn’t the only one who fell for this green. everybody salsa is a pale neutral to slightly blue-ish green. It is almost pastel, almost neon but neither really. I don’t think there is a dupe for this green, at least I haven’t seen one yet.
Again it applied smoothly, evenly, glossy, lasted well (you have heard me ramble on about essence creme finishes before) I’m really glad I got this one in my collection.

Photo 03-06-2014 18 32 34 Photo 03-06-2014 18 59 19

This polish was in my untried box and it is another one of my blue to purple to pink duochromes. When I sorted through my collection I realized that I have three of them -.- This, however is by far the best. It is the Astor Fash’n Studio polish from the Changing Metals collection in Crystal Blue. The polish is opaque in two coats and the color shift is quite strong and visible. From certain angles it looks slightly blue green. It applies a little streaky but it is not a major problem plus the essence btgn topsealer evens that out quite a bit. I only wore this for about a day not because it’s a bad polish but because at this point I was really over glitter and duo chromes and craved something neutral and creamy, so I can’t tell you how well this lasts. Overall nice quality though.

Photo 09-06-2014 12 36 38

This may well be the only nailpolish that I will ever use up. Nothing beats a plain creamy black nailpolish in my book and throughout my life I think I have been through 3 bottles so far. I use this as a base und a variety of glitters and shimmer topcoats but also on it’s own like the last time I wore it. This particular one is the essence color&go in 144 black is back. I will not bore you with the description of an essence creme again, suffice it to say it lasted 6 days with miniscule tip wear on me. It would have lasted longer had I not craved a new color. I love this thing. Gah.

Photo 11-06-2014 18 00 34

This is Miami P’Ink from essence’s Miami Rollergirl collection from 1 or two years ago. essence creme, no need to say more, right? It is thicker though than normal but still applies really nicely. I always associate this color with a bright watermelon pink. This color is unique in my stash, I do have pink reds but this is definitely a reddish pink and it almost glows on my nails even though it is a rather deep color but also really intense. I’m not even sure I’m making sense here, but I love this color especially for the summer, and I am sure I will wear it again.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you still with me? If you made it down here treat yourself to a cookie or something, y’all really have stamina. Also, I just crossed the 1,000 word mark. Oopsie! I will try to be more consistent in the future, especially since blogging is a good writer’s training and it helps me to relax, win-win situation!

Hope to read you again soon,











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