Snowhoney’s NotD: Tutu Summer Affair

Hello everyone!

And it’s time for another Nail of the Day from me. Ever since I talked to you about my first “Absolute Nails” polish from Douglas (you can read the post about it > here <), I wanted to try other colours and see if they were as amazing. Tough for any other polish, because that classic red was a one-coater.



I bought a shade called Summer Affair which is a pink leaning neon and a tad bit corally too. I’ve gone through the range and this one was kinda jumping at me, so I had to buy it. You know, now that we finally have some summer feeling here in Germany… I even have my first sunburn of the year! (which I really could’ve gone without if you ask me)

Sadly, this one was no one-coater, it even had some visible nail line after two coats, that is why you can see three coats in my pictures. Application was okay, but it could’ve been easier. It dried in a reasonable time, but adding a fast dry topcoat doesn’t really hurt as it adds that really shiny finish you won’t get from this polish on its own.




Accent nail is a Limited Edition Sally Hansen polish: 821 “Tutu Pretty” from the Pastel on Pointe LE. This is a very cute rose shimmer that you can actually build up to opacity (which will still kinda show your nail line) with about 4 coats. I chose to layer this to see how it transforms a colour. As you can see in the pictures, it doesn’t change the base colour but only adds shimmer and can therefore make every normal cream polish look special.



Is this a look you would go to in summer? Do you have any of the toppers from the Pastel on Pointe LE?


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