[Sisterhood Challenge] Nell’s Sea You at the Aurora Borealis

Photo 13-06-2014 13 22 03

Today I have another Sisterhood Challenge for you and again it was proposed by Munderoon. She asked me to make OPI’s Sea You in Hollywood ‘interesting’. Sea You is a deep slightly turquoise blue with a satin-y shimmer created by very fine flecks. It is a very pretty polish on it’s own, it applies true to OPI form very well, dries quickly and is opaque in two coats. Now whenever I wear a deep blue polish I have the urge to put something sparkly on and turn it into something resembling the night sky and this time I decided to give in to the urge and try my luck at a glitter gradient. I painted this free hand and as was to be expected, the left hand turned out better than the right. For the gradient I used Kosmetik Kosmo’s Polarlicht (aurora borealis or northern lights). Kosmetik Kosmo is a German indie brand founded by one Germany’s most watched beauty you tubers. At the time it was released it was one of the most fiery scattered holo topcoats available on the German market (I have a hunch we have progressed from there). Either way it is a very pretty polish jam packed with tiny holographic glitters in a clear base. It dries quickly and textured, but a good topcoat like the essence btgn topsealer will take the grit considerably down. The glitter is distributed evenly so no need to dab. In the picture below you can get an impression just how bright Polarlicht is.

I quite like this combination. It is so bright and sparkly in the sunlight.
I may try something else but I feel this is a good start into the challenge and considering her reaction in instagram earlier, I think Munderoon liked it, too 🙂

Photo 13-06-2014 13 22 05


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