Munderoon’s NotD: A-England – Tristam

Dear Nailpolish Addicts,

today we’re celebrating a very special day.

*vuvuzela noises*

Uhm… yeah, ok. The world cup starts as well, but that’s actually not what I meant (shame on me?) It’s another special kind of day: it’s “Munderoon finally got a second A-England polish!”-day. *hopefully some nailpolish addicts applauding slowly and kind of confused*

As you might now, one of my favourite nailpolishes of all time – Saint George – is from A-England as well and since then I have been longing to extend my collection with two, or a thousand more of them. So a few weeks ago, Snowhoney asked if we would need anything from A-England or other brands and of course, of course I had to say yes!

So here we are with the one that made it to me this past Sunday, when Snowhoney dropped by (and psssst! She even brought one as a present, so keep your eyes open for a brand-premier from me!): A-England’s Tristam


“Tristam” – direct artifical light

As it always seem to happen, when you wear an A-England polish, people are surprised by how many colours the product combines, and how glittery it actually looks, though it isn’t too flashy. That’s exactly what I thought when I first put it onto my nails. I love the combination of deep purple-ish, the occasional silver-glitter and the kind of hidden blueish elements of this polish. In fact, I love it so much, that I wore it twice this week! (Guess I’m an Tristam Addict then, huh? šŸ˜‰ )


“Tristam” in direct sunlight


“Tristam” in direct sunlight (outside)

In the two pictures above, you can easily see, how it looks rather blue and then again super purple in sunlight, as well as the glittery part of it.

If you love dark colours and always thought about buying your first A-England polish, I can absolutely recommend this one. “Tristam” is part of “The Mythicals” collection by A-England.


What do you think?


Munderoon ā™„


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