Snowhoney’s NotD: ILNP – Undenied (H)

Hello fellow polish junkies!

I have seen swatches of the new Summer Collection by ILNP creep over the bloggerverse and knew instantly that I was hooked. I love Nail Polish makes great polishes. Their Holos are truely stunning and their Multichromes are so amazing, believe me if you are a lover of colour change in your polish… you will love ILNP.

Undenied (H)

Undenied (H)

Doesn’t the bottle already convince you to buy/want this polish? It sure as hell was enough to bedazzle me. I love ILNP and most of their shades are truly unique. Their multichromes were on my agenda for a long time and this one where they added some holo in the mix? Sold immediately!


Here is what ILNP says about this polish:

The new Undenied (H) contains just the right amount of holographic splendor to add a beautiful rainbow sparkle to the polish. All without ruining the intense color shift effect!
Undenied (H) is a phenomenally gorgeous and sultry Ultra Chrome that radiates elegance at every turn.
With effortless shifts through stunning hues of violet, red, and gold (depending on the angle of your fingertips and the type of lighting you’re under), Undenied (H) is sure to wow you when you least expect it!



In the above pictures you can see the red/gold shift that makes this polish so so pretty. The shift is much more visible in indirect light, but sometimes when you hit the right angle in direct sunlight – BOOM. The holo together with the shift? Beaut-ti-ful.

Fully opaque after two easy applied coats, this one was a stunner right from the beginning. In case you have longer nails you might want to add a third coat, but really, two coats left me fascinated for a couple days.  Application was easy breezy and it dried pretty quickly. After a day I added a topcoat just to make it even shinier – not that it really needed it, but I always feel safer with a topcoat on.


If you want to buy this polish or any of the other amazing I love Nail Polish creations, go to their shop or find them at e-tailer Pshiiit Boutique.

You will probably see more from ILNP in the future (I just received an order over 9 polishes). Do you have any ILNP bottles at home? Do you like them?


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