Munderoon’s May Favourites 2014

Dear nailpolish addicts,

in my favourites for last month, you’ll once again encounter a polish that is more on the basic side of life. Looking after the post of the Sister’s Sister was kind of the only real polish thing I managed last month, together with one or two (!) paint jobs, consisting of colours I already reviewed and one for my Challenge, which will hopefully come up soon!

Anyway, that’s the reason why you’ll get this picture from me today!


This is Essence Studio Nails Hardening Nail Base and once again one could say, that I still haven’t found the right base coat for my nails. As you might know, I thought I had the right one for me several times by now, so I’m gonna go easy with this one. At the moment, I am quite satisfied though. It’s drying quite quickly, plus it’s visible when it is dry. It doesn’t leave any spots on the nails and even when you’re painting two layers of – like in my example above – Shopping Day at Bloomingdales plus a top coat, it stays neatly together and it doesn’t look or feel like you’re wearing four layers of polish. However, that last part might also depend on which colour or brand you use, but for now I’m okay with what the Base Coat does and what he doesn’t.

On a last note, I can’t give you my experiences with the actual hardening effect yet, because I’m barely using it for two weeks and haven’t painted my nails that often in those. But I do have the slight feeling, that they are not as weak at the “usual breaking points” as they were before.

Hope I could bring some light to those who are still searching for a good Base Coat in a low price category! For those who have found just the one – what is it? how did you find it and most importantly – where do WE get it? 😉


All the love for you,



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