Nell’s May 2014 Favorites

Photo 01-06-2014 22 28 28

And here they are. All of the polishes I wore this month and I enjoyed a lot of them and I couldn’t help myself but pick one and kind of a bonus because it is so pretty.

Photo 28-05-2014 12 25 08

My favorite this month was essence viva Brasil in 03 Ka-Ka-Karnival. I fell in love with this kind of medium, reddish purple when I first encountered it in the thermal polish from the Superheroes collection. Ever since then I was on the hunt for a similar shade that did not require cold hands to appear. And then I stumbled on this one and had to have it. It is a lovely cream, opaque in two coats and dries glossy and quickly. After I bought this I realized that essence has a very similar color in the standard range, so no worries if you were looking for this color, you can still get it.

Photo 30-05-2014 23 55 25

artificial light

Photo 02-06-2014 14 07 05

sun light

Photo 02-06-2014 14 07 56

tried to catch the sparkle here. in reality the holo bits are super fiery


And here is my bonus: Catrice Le Grand Bleu C02 Mermaiday Mayday. Against all odds I am in love with this polish. When I laid eyes on it I had to have it. In the bottle it is a sheer light blue jelly with myriads of fiery holographic bigger and smaller hexes. It is very sheer and you can see 4(!) coats in the pic above. It dries textured and even my rather thick essence topsealer won’t even it out, but we all know I am not bothered at all by textured polishes. The glitter doesn’t really apply evenly even when dabbing is involved and the polish remains sheer. For some reason though nothing of this turns me off the polish. To me it looks like millions of sparkly fish scales in a light blue lagoon water. Do you know the children’s book The Rainbow Fish? You know, like that! Such a pretty summery polish. This one is limited and rather unique, so if you fancy it I’d go check if your drugstore has the collection out already.

I will try to get the rest of the polish reviews up on the blog asap, but please understand that I am busy with my BA thesis at the moment. I’ll try to be regular about the blogging here but I can’t promise anything.

I hope you had a lovely month of May! What was your favorite polish this month?


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