Snowhoney’s First Try at… Nail Wraps! (Birthday Edition Part 2)

Hello fellow nailjunkies!

I hope you are all well and feel curious to try out nail wraps with me today. I have been one of those nail polish addicts that looked at nail wraps as if they wre contagious, really I don’t know why. The styles you can get even if you are so bad – totally like me! – at painting intricate designs free handedly. I have set the goal for me this year to try and master nail wraps and therefore I am off for a late start as this is my first try.

For my birthday or rather the birthday party which has been on wednesday night, I wanted a great design and as I wasn’t in the mood to try something messy like watermarbling… I discovered one of the packets of nail wraps I bought online. China Glaze Nail Appliqués were the ones I wanted because honestly… just look at this design I had in my stash:


This design is so very pretty and though I was nervous if the application was as easy as described and advertised… I tried and what can I tell you? I freakin love it. A great & very detailed design, easy application, fast application and it lasts. How could it be any more perfect than that?!
I am really surprised by how easy it was to use those and it’s been three days since I put them on and they look exactly the same! No noticeable chipping on my nails which is absolutely awesome. How easy the application is? See for yourself how to use those:

1) Buff your nails.
2) Wipe off excess dirt or oil with a bit of nailpolish remover.
3) Choose size and separate appliqué from strip.
4) Apply to nail and press on lightly. Gently smooth onto your nail.
5) Crease the appliqué at nail edge and file off excess in downward motion.
6) Apply a topcoat.

I was kinda done in record time. The appliqués look amazing and I am so happy I finally tried them out. I will be trying out more over time. If you need something rather quick to use and long-lasting, nail wraps are for you. Really, you need to try it out. But I think I will take mine off tomorrow just because I want a new colour on my nails. That’s the thing with a polish addict, right? I just need more rotation 😀
And here a few pictures of my nails:








Do you like it? Have you tried nail wraps before?


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